Alternantherareineckii “Purple” Lilacina

Alternantherareineckii “Purple”(Lilacina) belongs to the family Amaranthaceae and genus Alternanthera. This plant is originated from South Africa and now widely distributed in different part of the world as an aquarium plant, popular with the names Purple and Lila and it is commonly known Alternanthra Lilacina.

It looks best in the tank when grown in bunches of at least 2-3 plants.


Alternanthera Lilacina is a beautiful variety of Alternanthera Reineckii.The stem of the plant is striking reddish purple colour that contrast well against their brownish green leaves. Compared to other Alternanthera Reineckii, Lilacina has narrower and longer leaves.

The plant can achieve a height of 10cm to 40cm and with around 10cm to 15 cm.

It is a hard plant.

  • Water Temperature :  The ideal water temperature for the plant is 12 to 28 degree Celsius.

  • pH range: The ideal pH range is between 5 to 8.

  • Light supply :The plant need plenty of light supply to maintain the vibrant of color in the stem and leaves. It is also requires apt carbon dioxide to retain the exact colors.


Most Alternanthera Species are difficult to grow, but this one is relatively undemanding. Easy to propagate by nipping off the terminal bud and planting it in the bottom. This also make the mother plant bushier, because more side shoots are formed.

CARING OF PLANT: Alternanthera Reineckii requires moderate to high (2 to 4 watts/gal) to do well. If kept in low light tanks the lower leaves tend to fall.Separate each stem and plant individualy. This will result in better growth and the lower leaves will still receive some light as this aquarium plant grows taller.

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