Algae in Aquarium and how to get rid of it !

Algae are the nightmare of any aquarium hobbyists. Algae will eventually surface in your tank at any period of time after setting up of aquarium. Some of you might even consider quitting this lovely hobby because of the algae bloom, claiming that fighting algae and keeping the aquarium clean takes so much time, or you might get very irritated by the unsightly picture of your aquarium full of algae.

The presence of algae (algae bloom) indicates a “biological system collapse.” It shows us that we made a mistake during the preparation process, or that we have a configuration issue that something about the setting isn’t quite correct.
The point is that we shouldn’t be fighting algae! We must identify the CAUSE and eliminate it. So, the main cause of algae is the the presence of light and ammonia. The more light we have the less ammonia is needed to trigger algae-bloom. In modern, high-tech aquariums due to the presence of a lot of light have more algae growth initially than traditional, low-tech aquariums.

The concern is that ammonia cannot easily be “eliminated” unless you conduct regular water your in your aquarium, which would only offer symptom relief.
Our mission is to figure out what’s causing the ammonia levels in our water to rise, and this is where things get complicated. Ammonia is produced when organic matter in the water decomposes. This could come from multiple sources : dirty or inefficient filter, fish that died and remained undiscovered, decomposing plant leaves etc.

For years, they believed that excessive Nitrates and Phosphates were the source of algae blooms. Except for excessive levels of Nitrate (over 50 ppm) and Phosphates (over 5-10 ppm) that limit plant growth and cause leaves to decompose, modern science has proven that this is not the case. You will not even be able to see this decomposition process with your own eyes, even microscopic-level rotting can cause so much Ammonia in the tank that algae will appear.

This guide will assist you in determining the various causes of algae growth and offering solutions to those causes. The various forms of algae suggest somewhat different sources, so you’ll know where to begin searching for the root of the issue.

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