Non-CO2 and easily maintainable plants for Aquarium.

Want a bit of greenery in your tank which is healthy for your fish? Stick to these plants and your aquarium will become a green, serene planted tank in no time. Selecting of good Aquarium plants is a very important step while setting an aquarium or terrariums. Aquarium plants are like a cherry on the top of a cake, it increase the beauty as well as quality of your aquariums. It maintains the health of your fish. It is also important to choose a aquarium plant which consume less CO2 is suitable for your better aquarium. These are the 8 plants which suits your aquarium for a magnificent look.

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Alternanthera Reineckii “Mini”

Alternanthera Reineckii “Mini” belongs to the family Amaranthaceae and genus Alternanthera. Bionomial name of this plant is Alternanthera Reineckii. It is originated from South America, in its widest form grows…

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