Alternanthera Reineckii “Mini”

Alternanthera Reineckii “Mini” belongs to the family Amaranthaceae and genus Alternanthera. Bionomial name of this plant is Alternanthera Reineckii. It is originated from South America, in its widest form grows best in submerged condition. Its miniature size can be produced and cultured through a systemic form of cultivation derived from its natural source.

              At the present time,there are five known varieties of Alternanthera Reineckii,that are cultured into dwarf miniature. Among them is Alternanthera Reineckii “Mini”( AR mini) which is an easy cultivar and is the widely spread variety in aqua trade. Its widespread distribution in European countries began 2007. Even to date,a variety of this species of plant is always available in horticulture and pet fish shops.



Alternanthera Reineckii “Mini” is a delicated dwarf variant of the stem plant. It is a demanding low growing aquatic plant that displays colourful hues on its leaves. The slow growth of this red miniature aquatic plant makes it unique as compact foreground plants are to small tanks,with its bushes settings an accent to the over all look. The plant on its emersed state is capable to producing flowers. It can achive a height of 5cm to 30cm and width around 5cm to 10cm. The plant has a variety of colours like crimson,reddish brown,red,purple and pink.




Alternanthera Reineckii “Mini” is more suitable for nano aquriums. Regular croping will produce more baby stems that can multiply
anew. Provide the plant with enough carbon dioxide and sufficient iron to
maintain its perfect colouration and satisfactory growth pattern.


             Most Alternanthera species are difficult to grow. But this one is relatively undemanding. Easy to propagate by nipping off the terminal bud and planting it to the bottom. This also make the mother plant bushier, because more side shoots are formed.