Purple waffle/ Hemigraphis alterneta (Single plant)

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Purple Waffle Plant
Purple waffle plant also called as red ivy plants and metal leaf plants, they are a group of colorful herbaceous perennials. They have dark green leaves on top and purple colour on the lower side of the leaf. The purple waffle plant, called as Hemigraphis alternata, is a bushy type of plant that can be grown as both hanging basket on balcony and also as a houseplant.
The leaves have a rich, purple and wrinkles which look same as that of waffles, hence they are called as Purple waffle plant. It originated in the tropical sides of India and Indonesia. The plant produces small white flowers in the spring season. The leaves have more surface area than other plants. They are also called cemetery plant or red flame ivy. The plant has long stems and they grow upto 6 to 8 feet tall. The plant act as a air purifier. It is mostly used as a houseplant or hanging basket, they can be grown as a indoor and outdoor plant. They look more beautiful as a outdoor plant. It is a pretty plant with shiny and dark leaves. Purple Waffle plant is a plant which is easy to care and a plant that can be grown for beginners.
What makes Purple Waffle plant special
• They act as a air purifier plant.
• They contain attractive leaves.
• Purple Waffle Plant is a pet friendly plant.
Purple Waffle Plant can be grown by the stem cuttings. They are not grown by seeds. Propogating plant from cuttings is so easy. The plant should be kept moist for their better growth of the plant. The soil should not be over flowed to the plant.
In tropical habitat, in wild habitat, purple waffle plant grows under trees in jungle. The soil in jungle is rich in nutrients because of the decayed leaves. When these plants are grown in indoor conditions, nutrients should be provided to the plant.
1 Hemigraphis alternata/Purple waffle plant/red ivy plant.
2 6 inch (15 cm) plastic pot.

Plant specification
Plant height 15 to 23 cm
Plant spread 12 to 13 cm

Name and other features of Purple Waffle plant
Botanical Name Hemigraphis alternata
Common Name Purple Waffle Plant/red ivy plant
Family Acanthaceae
Plant Type Tender Perennial, annual
Native area Asia

Plant care
1. Sunlight:
The purple waffle plant grows best in partial sun outdoor or bright indirect light indoors. Direct light can harm the plant and cause the edges of the plant to fade their colour and changes their colour. The leaves may fade in direct sunlight. But without enough sunlight the plant loses its rich purple colour. Purple waffle plant can also live with artificial lights.
Warm temperatures and high humidity conditions is required to grow Purple waffle plant. These conditions can only give a healthy plant. Always bring plant indoor before cold conditions. When humidity is increased it affects the growth of the plant.
The Purple waffle plant should always be in moist condition. The plant should be always in moist condition. Moist well drained soil is required for the healthy growth of the plant. The plant doesn’t need water that make the soil overflow from the container. Proper irrigation should be done to this plant. Water absorbing crystals can be added to the soil to help to maintain moisture.
Key requirements of the plant
Sunlight Bright indirect sunlight.
Temperature Warm temperature.
Humidity 50 to 80 percent.
Soil Evenly moist soil.
Watering Water deeply only depending on season.
Fertilizers Always provide fertilizers at the time of spring to fall. Skip fertilizers at the time of winter.
Other characteristics features of the plant
Flower colour White
Flower bloom time Summer
Soil pH 6.1 to 6.5
Mature size of plant 6 cm tall and 8 cm wide
Application of fertilizers
• First loosen the soil before planting the plant so that it doesn’t affect the plant and doesn’t disturb the roots.
• Fertilize purple waffle plant, once a month in spring and summer season.
• Always use a liquid fertilizer to the plant and the fertilizer should be diluted.
• Always use fertilizers in a minimal ratio, because more fertilizers can kill the plant.
Plant protection
• Infected part of the plant should be removed from the plant, so that it doesn’t affect the rest of the healthy plant.
• Plant protection oils like neem oil can be sprayed to the plant for protecting plant.
Don’ts for the plant
• In pots, drainage holes should be correctly maintained, so that correct amount of water will be in the pots.
• Never try to overwater the plants., because it can reduce and throw away the nutrients of the plant.
Where should a Purple waffle plant have kept in house
When Purple waffle plant is treated as a houseplant, it always needs bright but indirect sunlight. The leaf should not get more sunlight because it can affect the plant. So, satisfy these things Inorder to put this plant as a houseplant.

How does a Purple waffle plant look like?
Purple waffle plant, is a tropical perennial plant with beautiful oval shaped leaves with green tops and purple bottom. The tiny white flowers that appear in summer are attractive.
Uses of Purple Waffle plant
Purple waffle plant is an excellent color plant. It is grown both as an indoor and outdoor plant. It cannot tolerate cold condition after a extreme, so always put as a indoor plant. It is a ideal houseplant for decorating besides desks, tabletops etc.


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