Anthurium Miniature Pink (single plant clump)

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Quantity- Single Plant with more than 6 leaves,

 Anthurium mini pink is a very attractive perennial plant that love warmth and humidity. Some species are grown for their bright exotic flowers, while others for their foliage. This is considered an ideal indoor plant as it is relatively sturdy and easy to maintain.

Pink mini anthurium is native to South America and Central America, a relative of peace lilies. A mature plant grows a new flower with each new leaf. It has brightly colored, shiny spathe leaf and protruding inflorescence called spadix. It is a short erect plant with heart-shaped leaves, pointed apex and a cylindrical petiole 30-40cm long. The spathe is waxy, brightly colored and 8-15 cm long and the spadix which is similar to a candle holder (white/yellow) is 7-9cm long and bears many small flowers.

Also called flamingo flowers for their unique tropical shape, they can be grown outdoors in garden in warm climates. They can also be grown indoors as a houseplant or in greenhouses. They grow at a slow or moderate rate depending on the sunlight they receive. Indoors or out, they like sun more than shade. Anthurium plants prefer bright, indirect light and do not like exposure to direct sunlight and live in temperature at or below 60 degrees.

Anthurium prefer coarse, rich, but well-draining potting mix. Potting mix for orchids with few handfuls of sand and peat moss are ideal. The soil should be kept moist but not wet. Water when top 50% soil is dry. Anthurium only needs to be watered once a week or so.

It is safe to use a liquid fertilizer with high phosphorous every quarter throughout the growing period. This encourage the plant to flower. The anthuriums outgrow their pot every few years and need repotting into bigger pot. Repotting is necessary every two or three years and transfer the plant to a pot that is slightly bigger than the old one.

The easiest way to propagate anthurium is through stem cuttings. When the plant is mature enough, cut off a stem near the soil.

With right care and regular fertilization, the anthurium plant produces flowers throughout the year. They bloom for two or three times at a time. Keep the leaves clean and glossy by wiping them with a damp cloth to keep them free of dust.

Pink anthurium is one of the prettiest tropicals you can grow. With right care you can enjoy this prodigious houseplants beautiful blooms all year round. It is a perfect gift for a friend or a colleague. Anthuriums are often used in practice of feng shui, to attract positive energy.

What makes it special :

  •  Easy to care and grow.
  • Symbolize love and compassion.
  • Excellent indoor and outdoor plant.
  • Add color to garden.
  • Filter odors

Plant specifications:

Plant height 12-18 inch
Plant spread 9-12 inch


Common name Tail flower, flamingo flower.
Maximum reachable height Up to 45 centimeters.
Flower color Pink.
Bloom time  Flowers year round, usually 3 months interval
Difficulty level Easy 

Planting and Care:

  • Sunlight : Bright indirect light.
  • Soil : Coarse, moist, rich well drained potting mix.


  • Water the plants only when the top inch of soil dries out.
  • Water every 1-2 weeks, watering more often in bright light and less often in lower light.
  • Water around the plants and never directly into the center.
  • Do not overwater the plant.

Application of fertilizer

  • Feed the plant every quarter and while repotting.
  • Fertilize using balanced liquid fertilizer rich in phosphorus.
  • Fertilize only during its active growing season.
  • Over fertilizing can lead to pests and diseases.

Plant protection

  • Remove any dead or damaged leaves.
  • In case of pests, dilute some neem oil and lightly mist the fronds.
  • Do not overwater.
  • Avoid placing the plant near ac vents and fans.
  • Water less in autumn and winter.
  • Feed monthly using liquid fertilizer.


  • Keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not over fertilize.
  • Do not over water the plants.
  • Protect the plant from direct exposure to air blowing from an Ac vent.

Initial care for 1-2 weeks after receiving plant at your location:

  • Keep the plant in natural sunlight, under shade.
  • Poke the top soil using finger to check dampness.
  • Add 1 cup of water when the top soil becomes dry.
  • Do not repot for at least a week after receiving the order.

Key requirements to keep the plant healthy:


Sunlight Bright indirect light.
Watering Water the plants only when the top inch of soil dries out.
Temperature  60 degree or below.
Soil  Coarse, moist and well-drained soil rich in organic matter.

Anthurium miniature pink special feature:

  • Waxy very attractive light pink colored flowers.
  • Purify air and reduce the amount of harmful pollutants.
  • Tolerant to pest and diseases.
  • Long lasting stunning bloom.
  • Listed in NASA’s air purifying plant list.
  • Easy to propagate,


  • Ornamental use:
  • Excellent indoor and outdoor plant.
  • Looks wonderful on shelves and containers.
  • Used in floral arrangements.

Other uses:

  • Help ease allergies.
  • Reduce stress and improves mental health.
  • Boosts productivity and memory.
  • Anthurium steam ease joint pain.


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