Myriophyllum aquaticum/ parrot feather/ watermilfoil (3 stems)

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This cosmopolitan stem plant turns red easier. Each stalk becomes 2-4cm wide and 10-30cm high. The plant willingly creates side shoots, but cutting increases the amount and leaves the plant even closer. The cut-off shoots can be replanted and they quickly generate new roots. The plant becomes intensely red and grows better, when placed in light and with added CO2.


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Quantity: 3 stems

Origin: South America

Plant positioning: Background & in ponds

Light requirement: —

CO2 requirement: –

Plant difficulty level: Difficult in aquariums but easy in ponds

Plant Propagation: Stem cuttings

video: submerged condition in aquarium

video: in ponds/outdoors

1 review for Myriophyllum aquaticum/ parrot feather/ watermilfoil (3 stems)

  1. Jobin Tensing T (verified owner)

    Ordered black shrimps and plants. Reached in very good condition. I didn’t expect plants to be this live after 2 days in packing! Shrimps were very active as well

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