Egeria najas/ Elodea (3 stems)

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Quantity: 3 stems

Origin: South America

Plant positioning: Background

Light requirement: Medium

CO2 requirement: Low & Medium

Plant difficulty level: Easy

Plant Propagation: stem cuttings

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Egeria najas is a aquarium plant which is commonly called as Egeria densa. Its rapid growth helps create a balance in the aquarium. .It can also prevent algae because it absorbs a great number of nutrients from the water. The plant secretes antibiotic substances which can help prevent blue-green algae (a type of bacteria). The growth rate depends largely on the amount of light and nutrition available. The growth of the plant does not stop in unfavourable conditions, but the plant turns light in color and the tentacles grow thin.The plant is commonly called as narrowleaf anticharities plant was first founded in United States. It is a fast-growing stem plant and this plant is used to absorb nutrients from the surface. It is a attractive stem plant that grows strongly on their basic requirements. It is suitable for moderately lighted tanks. This plant doesn’t need more carbon dioxide.
The plant needs stronger light and rich nutrients to have a great growth of the plant. The plant will tolerate in tropical temperatures. This plant will easily propagate and they grow fastly. It doesn’t need new stem for their growth. Replanting of the stems is the best method of growing the plant.Due to the rapid growth of the plant, plant removes pollutants from the water. The plant needs lighter for their growth. The plant is found in underwater and standing water. The leaves are narrower. Due to narrow leaves the plant looks broader and plant looks delicate.Thd delicate plant and the leaves are 2 to 3 mm wide. Nutrient rich surrounding is needed to their growth. More carbon dioxide does not is used for the better growth of the plant.
What makes Egeria najas special
● The rapid growth of the plant helps to create a balance in aquarium.
● The plant secretes a antibiotic substance which help to prevent blue-green algae.

Number Itemname
1 Egeria najas/narrow leaf anacharis
2 5 inch

Plant specifications
Plant height Upto 50 cm in height.
Plant spread 2 to 3 mm wide.

Name and other features of Egeria najas
Botanical name Egeria najas
Common name Narrowleaf anacharis/Paraguayan waterseed
Family Hydrocharitaceae
Orgin South America
Identification Thin delicate leaves.
Plant care
An Anacharis plant can thrive in a wide range of water temperature. For tropical community tanks, the temperature range is 72 – 78 degrees . Anacharis plants can also survive in much cooler environments, with some as low as 60 degrees
2.Water parameters-
Anacharis plants can do well in a wide range of water conditions, but they like water with pH 6.5 – 7.5
3.Aqarium lighting-
An Anacharis plant does well under moderate light. Anacharis plants can die in low light tanks. Anacharis plants can also do well in high light situations. But if aquarium lighting is too intense, green hair algae or other algae can begin to grow on Anacharis plants. This is especially true for older stems and leaves that are closest to the surface.
Key requirements of the plant

Sunlight More light suited area.
Carbon dioxide Less amount of carbon dioxide
Temperature 10 to 28 degree .
Propogation Through cuttings
Habit Submerged ,freshwater.

Other features of plant

Growth rate Very fast
Plant type Stem
Fertilizers Low
Placement in tank Background.

Tank requirements
● Tank size-This plant cannot be kept in nano tanks. Anacharis is great for ponds.A minimum tank size of 10 gallons is required for keeping Anacharis.
● Light-The plant needs moderate to high lighting to photosynthesize and grow optimally. Under intense light, the plant will release a great deal of oxygen in the tank. The lights should be kept on for at least 8 hours daily.
● Fertilizers-The plant will thrive in tanks without carbondioxide. It also does not rely heavily fertilizers to grow. It’s best to add fertilizers from time to time.
Interesting facts on Egeria najas
1 .Algae control-Anacharis is extremely effective against algae. It helps algae for the nutrients and suppresses its growth.
2.Hiding place for fish, fry, and shrimp: the plant s erves as cover and shade for small fish. It serves as a perfect hiding place for shrimp and fish.
3.Oxygenation: Anacharis oxygenates and aerates the tank water.
Uses of Egeria najas
● It helps and act as a ecosystem maintainer.
● The plant have great oxygenation supply.
● The plant takes more nutrients and help the medium for their growth.

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    good plant

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    About 50% of the stems had melted in the packet during shipping, but the remaining plants were strong enough to start growing back slowly. I would rather source this locally if available to avoid issues, but the plants are resilient enough to bounce back if provided sufficient light and gentle flowing water.

  3. Prachiti Salvi (verified owner)

    Nice! All plants received in good condition

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    Nice all plants

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