Piper Betle (single plant)

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Piper beetle is known as betel or sire is an evergreen,climbing vine with glossy,heart shaped leaves. The betle is a vine of family piperaceae,which include pepper and kava.In some countries they are using this plants for chewed with slaked lime and some others,using this as traditional herbal medicine or for prayers.
This is mildly stimulant herb can be grown in containers,in a balcony and even indoors in partial sunlight.
This piper betle is the native to india where it is usally known for making a famous indian dessert’s a vine grown in india and it belongs to the pepper’s also like waxy green.
This plant makes a better ground cover under the trees in subtropical and tropical’s moving like directly right position because of it’s habit of suckering can be difficult to move.
Piper betle is a unending,dioecious climber that belons to the dicot family’s stems are green or pinkish green,semi-woody,cylindrical or bilaterlly pressed with dimorphic branching,that is orthotropic vegitative branches.
In india mostly Peoples grown this plants for their usage in outdoor under the tress.this leaves as cultivated in the states of Assam,Andhra predesh,Bihar,Gujarat,Odisha,Karnataka,Madhya predesh,Rajasthan,West bengal &’s widely cultivated in Karnataka,Kerala&Assam.
• Easy to grow.
• Rare betel lead live plant.
• 1 healthy live plant in polybag.
• can grow well in any space in the home.
• No need to care more because it’s automatically grow.
• It ia an ornamental plant in the home.
• Derive the maximum health benefits from the same,she adds.
• Attract the beauty and shape.
• It’s give very refreshing feelings.

sr Item name
1 Piper Betle
2 4 inch(10cm)Round plastic pot(black)
3 4.5 inch (11cm)Round plastic pot (white)

Plant Height 18 inch(45cm)
Plant Spread 6 inch(15 cm)

Commom Name Betel Pepper
Scientific Name Piper Betle
Maximum Reachable height 150 to 180 cm
Type Evergreen
Leaves Climbing vine with glossy,heart shaped leaves
Stem Semi-woody,green or pinkish
green,cylindrical or bilaterally pressed with dimorphic branching

Ø Need to place the plant in aplace which get atleast 5 to 6 hours of sunlight daily.
Ø The plant needs regular watering.
Ø Need to keep the plant in matural indirect bright light.

Ø Atleast the plant need to receive 3 to 6 hours of morning sunlight ,for grow well.
Ø Loosen the soil without damaging the roots.
Ø The soil should be well drained and fertile,rich in organic content for growing plant.

Ø Need to watering thoroughtly in the summer and need to reduce watering in the winter & rainy season.
Ø Water when top soil feels dry to touch.
Ø The plant needs reeds regular watering,water only when the soil feels dry to touch.
Application for fertilizer
Ø During the main growing season feed the plant with organic fertilizer.
Ø Occational feeding every couple of months in the growing season of the plant with a nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer like manure or compost is recommended.

Plant protection
Ø Regular pruning and plucking of plant leaves encourage new growth and sweet and tender leaves.
Ø The betel leaf plant needs regular watering prune regularly after it reaches 2m.
Ø It thrives well in a hot and humid environment in partial shade.

Ø Don’t over water or over feed the plant. Ø Don’t use dry fertilizer.

1. Select the best place to place the plant
2. Check the outdoor place which to get the proper sunlight.
3. Do water thoroughtly,allow the soil to dry out between watering.
4. Apply a general purpose fertilizer once a month during the growing season.

Select the best place in the outdoor,ensure the place has enough space for the roots of plants want to grow. Make sure whether the place get sunlight. And need to water the plant needfull.Yellowing leaves or black spots on the leaves indicate over watering.
Ø It widely used as herb plant, ornamentel foliage plant and medical plant.
Ø Ornamental use:
The plant is used to decreat the balcony ,terrace or any outdoor space Ø Medicinal use:
It is used as mild stimulant for it’s medicinal properties Ø Culinary use:
Betel leaves are used for direct consumptions


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