Rotala rotundifolia-green (6 stem cuttings)

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Quantity: 6 stems

Origin: India and Southeast Asia

Plant positioning: Background

Light requirement: Medium

CO2 requirement: Low & Medium

Plant difficulty level: Medium

Plant Propagation: Stem cuttings

This small-leaved species has an attractive, delicate appearance and is ideal for planting in groups in the back or midground of the aquarium. Lighting should be relatively strong. Given bright light and sufficient nutrients, the leaves may change from olive green to pinkish color towards the top of the plant. Cuttings should be at least 4 in (10 cm) long to ensure good growth.

The plant is adaptable to moderate light and lower temperatures, although growth will be slowed. A few leaf shape varieties are available. Although the leaves are small and the distance between them (the nodes) is large, if planted in groups, this plant will appear quite dense

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3 reviews for Rotala rotundifolia-green (6 stem cuttings)

  1. anish.mohan (verified owner)

    plant came safe.
    healthy stems covered in paper with enough moisture.

  2. Shrinvias Handigol (verified owner)

    The delivery and packaging was brilliant. The plants were placed inside a bag which was again placed inside a bag. The plants were all healthy even after 3 days of the transit.
    Plants are all healthy and the quantity is also great. They’re bright green healthy plants.

  3. Prachiti Salvi (verified owner)

    Healthy green stems standing tall in my aquarium. Very good quality

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