Rotala wallichii/ Whorly Rotala (6 stems)

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NOTE: In emersed form this plant has reddish green leaves

Quantity: 6 stems
Origin: South-Eastern Asia
Plant positioning: Background, Midground
Light requirement: High
CO2 requirement: High
Plant difficulty level: Intermediate
Plant Propagation: Stem cuttings

This rotala is often confused with many Myriophyllum species and does indeed look very similar, except that the needlelike leaves are not branches but singular. Use the plant in well-spaced groups as a background plant, or as a midground plant in large aquariums. It will grow easily for a short period but to prolonged health, it must have soft water, good lighting, and an adequate supply of nutrients.
Small marsh plant, Stem up to 40cm in length, slightly grooved, brownish. Emersed leaves arranged in numerous whorls, rarely decussate. Leaf-blade linear, up to 1cm long and 1.5mm wide, olive green in color. Apex obtuse or slightly sinuate; bae narrowed. Submersed shoots appear totally changed. Stem distinctly grooved. Leaves filiform, in up to 15-merous whorls, up to 2.5 cm long, usually reddish in color.
This delicate, decorative rotala is a demanding and sensitive aquarium plant. Plant consuming fish also love to feed on the delicate leaves.

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