Moscow jet black guppy pair

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Good quality breeding pair guppies(a male and a female) is given in this product.

Moscow is a species of guppy originating from Russia and arriving in East Germany and widely spread from there. This highly popular Moscow is commonly known as a solid colour guppy with a colourful texture on its head. A black colour component is a common feature of this guppy species. The reproduction of Moscow is from its Moscow males and not from Moscow females. Moscow black is its highly motile pigment and this gives Moscow its popular chameleon quality, where it can vary from a light grey to a much darker black.

The main types of Moscow are Blue Moscow which is a variety having a black layer of colour cells below a blue-light reflecting iridophore layer. In these blue moscows we can see albino blue Moscow, blond blue Moscow, Asian blau blue Moscow, golden blue Moscow in the hobby. Green Moscow is a unique variety similar to Blue Moscow with an increased number of cells in yellow colour. Likewise we can see purple Moscow in the hobby. When we come to the full red Moscow it is difficult to distinguish with full red guppy. Half black red Moscow and Albino full red Moscow is another variety of full red Moscow. Like the above varieties, golden red Moscow is a popular variety of Moscow in the aquatic market. Midnight black Moscow is a darkish variety which is constantly black which does not fade to grey or other. Albino midnight black and golden midnight black is a different variety of midnight black Moscow.

Stoerzbach Moscow is a yellow version and yellow green version which is included in the stream. When they mature it becomes green metallic. Pink white Moscow is another variety in Moscow species which have a combined genes of the blue Moscow and pink white. In blue grass Moscow grass like fins are present in this species body. That is because of the influence of grass Nike stripes in the body of this species. Moscow fire tail is another variety of moscow. This is a combination of midnight black moscow and the full red moscow. The full red colour of the body may be lost at some time.


2 reviews for Moscow jet black guppy pair

  1. Sachin Kakade (verified owner)

    Recived parcel after 6 day. But the fish pair was helthy.Good quality breeding pair..

  2. Raj Kumar Singh (verified owner)

    I got very shiny black guppy even better than image shown above

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