Monstera adansonii/ Broken Heart Plant (Single plant)

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Quantity: A single plant with roots. (minimum 3 to 12 leaves)

Monstera adansonii/Broken Heart Plant
The Swiss cheese plant, also called as Monstera adansonii, got its common name Broken Heart Plant from its large and heart shaped leaves. These heart shaped leaves develop and changes to holes when the plant ages. This plant is known for its beautiful heart shaped leaves. The leaves are waxy, thick and it contains oval shaped large perforations, which make them call as Swiss cheese plant. The leaves resemble Swiss cheese.
It is a plant which has beautiful heart shaped leaves and is a unique flowering plant.The plant has shining, green leaf surfaces and it makes them easy to grow.Monstera adansonii is a member of Araceae plant family.The heart or oval shaped leaf is made such a way to accure sunlight to these holes.They are mostly seen in tropical rainforest and they doesn’t need bright direct sunlight for their growth.When the plant develops or matures,the plant start to produce more and more holes on leaf surface.
These holes act as a purpose for the sunlight to down to the plant. In spring season, the plant develops a cream colored fflo flower with small strips of violet colour. This feature in the leaves doesn’t occur in home growing plants, but they occur in the plants at the forest areas.
The plant act as a climber ,it can produce aerial roots which can climb upto the bark of trees.It can be also grown in the style of hanging in beautiful baskets.It is a medium sized houseplant which is a slow growing plant.This plant is also called five hole plant because of the holes present in the leaf.This plant also contains a yellowish white flowers and the f flowers contain large petal .The flowers also turn into edible fruits which have the taste of pineapple .
What makes Monster adansonii special

● Monstera adansonii also called Swiss cheese plant or broken heart plant, is a special plant which is a flowering plant.
● This plant has a special type of leaves which contain beautiful heart shaped and contains holes in it.
● These holes are present in the leaf surface which make the appearance of Swiss cheese.
This plant is a houseplant which can be easy care plant and ot needs a bright indirect sunlight for their better growth. It is a small plant which is a prefect household plant. The speciality of these heart shaped leaves is to capture the amount of sunlight in the leaf surface and to increase the growth of the plant. Large holes help to capture more sunlight in the leaf and help the better growth of the plant.
If we want to grow Monster adansonii plant, we should do certain things that are good to the plant,
• Take a healthy plant stem with 2 to 3 nodes and this stem should be from a healthy plant.
• Always place the cutting of the stem in a jar of water.
• Put the plant under sunlight and always try to change water in 3 to 4days
• When the roots and shoots are developed transform the plant in to the container which is nutrient rich soil for the better growth.

Number Item name
1 Monstera adansonii plant /Broken Heart Plant
2 6-inch (15 cm) Round Plastic pot.
Plant specification
Plant height 3-5 feet tall
Plant spread 12-13 feet spread

Common name Swiss cheese plant/Broken Heart Plant
Botanical name Monstera adansonii
Maximum height 30 to 40 cms
Maximum width 20 to 30 cms
Flower colour Creamy or purple flower
Time of bloom During springtime
Most difficulty level Easy to grow
Plant care
1.Light: The plant Monstera adansonii needs bright indirect sunlight for its growth. It can also grow best in canopy regions. The exposure of direct bright sunlight. More sunlight can kill the plant and affect their leaves and damage the whole plant.
2.Temperature: The plant needs to kept in a room temperature of 18 to 27 degree Celsius. Below this temperature can damage and slow down the growth of the plant. Below this temperature can make dead the plant. When more cold attacks the plant, it can damage the leaf surface and hence kill the plant.
3.Watering: We should regularly water the plants, make sure that the soil is moist. Indoor houseplant should be watered once a week. The soil should be kept slight moist. Continous watering can take away all the nutrients of the soil Always be sure that drainage holes are present in the pot so that the excess water can drain off from the pot.

Key requirements of the plant
1.Sunlight Bright indirect sunlight is required
2.Temperature 18 to 270 C
3Soil Porous nutrient rich soil
4.Watering Water the plants regularly.
5.Fertilizers Moist liquid fertilizers once in 3 months.
Other features of the plant
Soil type Organic rich soil.
Soil pH 5.5 -7.5 pH
Pet friendly No, keep it away from pets.
Soil drainage Well drainage soil
Propagation Stem cuttings.
Application of fertilizers
• Firstly, loosen the soil, without disturbing the roots, because roots take up the nutrients for the plant.
• Liquid fertilizers should be added to the soil once in three months.
• After the use of fertilizers, water the plants.
Plant protection
Inorder to protect plant, certain remedies are used
• Infected part of the plant should be removed, so that the rest of the plant will stay healthy.
• Neem oil, Eucalyptus oil can be sprayed to the plant, Inorder to protect the plant.

Don’t s for the plant
• Drainage holes should be correctly maintained, so that no water overalls from the plant.
• Don’t overwater the plant, it takes away all the nutrients from the soil.
Initial care for the plant
• Before watering the plants, always ensure the moisture level of the plant.
• Make the soil slight moist.
• Never put the plant in direct sunlight or in extreme cold weather because it can affect the plant.
Ornamental uses
The plant is used as a indoor plant and they are grown in wild conditions

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