Laganandra keralensis (Large pot)

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This product contains Laganandra keralensis atleast 2 plants in a pot.


Origin: Kerala state in southwestern India

Common name: lagenandra Meeboldii/Red long Lagenandra/keralensis Red

Care: Moderate

Lighting: Medium to high

Propagation: Separate rhizomes

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Araceae

Subfamily: Aroideae

order: Alismatales

  • Lagenandra Keralensis It is a rhizome plant that has a thin submersible leaf. It has a light brown reddish leaf with a stripped pattern. This plant can grow in both low lighting and high lighting. Lagenandra keralensis it is a notable species from the state of Kerala in southwestern India.

  • When growing Lagenandra in terrestrial conditions in clay pots, put a clay pot in an aquarium tank and fill the aquarium tank with water up to where the clay pot is soaked half way, and then put a lid on the aquarium tank. The key point is to keep the appropriate humidity inside the aquarium tank.


  • This plant is originally from India and is quite similar to a medium-sized, broad-leaved Cryptocoryne. It can be used in the aquarium like Cryptocorynes, but needs sufficient light to develop colours.The leaves are 4-8 cm wide and 6-12 cm long, so the whole plant becomes relatively wide. The colours range from dusty green with bright violet to red-violet often on the same leaf. New leaves are pale pink.


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