Spiky Moss /Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Spiky’ (pouch)

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Common name: Spiky moss, peacock moss

Kingdom: Plantae

Group: Bryophyta

Family: Hypnaceae

Origin: Unknown

Difficulty: Easy

CO2 Needed: Low – High

Height: 2-10cm tall


  •  Spiky moss is a small aquatic plant, It gets its name from its sharp, spiky leaves, which grow in dense clusters. The plant’s roots are very strong and fibrous, making it an excellent anchor for other aquatic plants.
  • Spiky moss is a moss plant grows sideways and upwards, fast growing aquarium plants. This aquatic plant will grow healthy, beautiful, vigorous and grows fastest in the aquarium with highlighting, enough CO2, regularly fertilizing and the temperature.


Planting and care

  • In the wild, it is often found growing on logs or rocks in ponds and streams. Spiky Moss is a popular plant for aquariums because it is relatively easy to care for, and it provides shelter and hiding places for fish. It can also help to filter the water and remove excess nutrients.
  • Lighting- Spiky Moss can also tolerate slightly higher levels of light, but it is important to take care not to expose your plants to too much direct sunlight as this could cause the leaves to become scorched.
  • Temperature- Spiky Moss prefers temperatures between 70 – 80°F. It can tolerate slightly cooler temperatures but should not be exposed to temperatures lower than 60° F for prolonged periods of time. If the temperature drops too low, the Spiky Moss will start to turn yellow and die off.


  • Spiky Moss is very easy to propagate and can be divided, grown from cuttings, or grown from spores. The easiest way to propagate Spiky Moss is by dividing it into several pieces with sharp scissors. Make sure that each piece has a few leaves and some of the plant’s roots attached.
  • Spiky Moss is best grown as a carpet in your aquarium. To achieve the desired effect, you will need to plant at least three or four Spiky Moss plants in the same area of your tank. Spiky Moss grows relatively slowly, so be patient – it may take some time for the carpet to develop fully.
  • The Spiky Moss plant should be trimmed regularly to keep the desired look and shape. You can use scissors or tweezers to trim away any long stems or dead leaves carefully, as well as to shape the overall plant. When trimming Spiky Moss, it is best to cut each stalk at an angle in order for the new growth to be directed upwards. Spiky Moss may also need to be trimmed back if it starts growing too quickly or reaches a size that is too large for the aquarium.


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