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Nishikigoi, often known as Koi fish or Japanese carp, are colourful and patched fish that are cultivated and preserved for their beauty and respect. The carp originated in China and was brought to Japan as a gift by a Japanese nobleman.

Its earliest recorded appearance in Japanese literature goes back to 71AD (in the form of a Koi held by the alleged mythical Emperor Keik). However, it was not until the nineteenth century that Koi began to change and became colourful, which is a necessity for present Nishikigoi enjoyment (originally Koi were held in irrigation basins above rice fields as a source of food).

Koi fish are kept in tanks.
It is possible to keep nishikigoi at water temperatures ranging from 47?F to 95?F (8?C and 35?C) since they are temperate freshwater fish. The water temperature should be approximately 70?F (21?C) for the best results. Koi ponds must be at least one metre deep in order to act as a buffer against extremes in temperature, both hot and cold. Despite the fact that carp are omnivore, a well-balanced diet is essential for bringing out the brightest colours and developing well-developed Koi. Because carp cannot store food, it is critical that they be fed on a regular basis (sometimes up to six times daily). The average lifetime of a Koi fish is 70 years, however some survive for far longer periods of time (the oldest Koi was reputed to have lived 226 years).



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