Floscopa Scandens/ Underwater Bamboo (3 Stems)

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Common Name: Green Mini Bamboo

Plant Use: Background

Difficulty Level: Easy

Light Demand: Low

Co2 Demand: Medium

Fertilizer Demand: Medium

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Overview: Commonly called as Green Mini Bamboo, Floscopa cf. scandens is a beautiful aquarium plant. It is popular for its exotic appearance and bamboo-like stems that are light green and give a classy look to the tank. The plant was introduced in the trade as Commelinaceae sp. “Green.” It is easy to grow and can be used as both mid-ground and background plant to give a unique look to the aquarium. Moreover, it is a fast-growing plant and perfect for beginners.

Appearance: Floscopa cf. scandens has a bamboo plant-like appearance wherein the leaves are light green and look very elegant. It is unique and looks very different from the usual aquarium plants. Therefore, it is best for those who want to give an extraordinary look to their aquarium. Underwater, the plant develops strong and upright stems in which the leaves develop alternately. Floscopa shows its true color and growth when sufficient light, nutrient-rich substrate, and carbon dioxide is supplied abundantly.

Hard/soft plant: It is a hardy plant and requires less care and maintenance.

Ideal water temperature: The ideal temperature range is 22 to 28 degrees C in which the plant can grow well and show its actual color and luster.

Lighting conditions: Floscopa cf. scandens is specific to light demands and can grow well in high light intensity. Medium-light slows down the growth of the plant, and the color of the leaves may also fade. It also requires a good amount of CO2 to thrive in the aquarium.

Ideal pH: The ideal pH for the plant to flourish is 5.5 to 7. It can survive if there is a minor fluctuation in pH as well.

Do you know: Due to its uniqueness and beautiful appearance, the plant is also recommended as a fast-growing emersed plant in paludariums.


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