Cryptocoryne wendtii Green (large pot)

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This product contains 3 to 6 plants of cryptocoryne wendtii green in a single pot and can be shipped to all over India.

Cryptocoryne is a popular aquarium plant which is native to Srilanka. They are mostly seen in calm flow ponds and streams in lowland forest.

Common name: Water trumpet

Kingdom: Plantea

Order: Alismatales

Family: Araceae

  •  Cryptocoryne wendtii can survive in both low and high lights, so it is best companion to other aquarium plants because it can adjust both light conditions.
  • Cryptocoryne wendtii is a slow growing plant, if planted in clay pots in your tank can improve its growth. As it is a root feeder ensure enough soil nutrients to improve its growth.
  • No need of large amount of fertilizer because it is naturally a slow grower,


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