Vallisneria nana (single plant)


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Quantity: 1 plant

Origin: Australia

Plant positioning: Background

Light requirement: low

CO2 requirement: Low & Medium

Plant difficulty level: Easy

Plant Propagation: plantlet

Vallisneria nana is an easy to maintain plant suitable smaller aquariums.It is one of the popular plants in aquascaping. It can be used as a mid ground pant or even background plant in aquariums.It is a soft type plant and can grow upto a height of 70 cm. Vallisneria nana improves the aesthetic appearance of aquariums. They has has dark green rosulate narrow leaves(less than 1 cm).Their leaves are narrower than other vallisneria species. The lighting required is low and the ph ranges between 6 to 9.They prefer slow-moving, hard water that is rich in calcium but are adapted to most water parameters.


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