Cryptanthus bivittatus Pink Starlite/ Bromeliad pink/ Earth star pink

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Cryptanthus Bivittatus
Cryptanthus bivittatus is a small, popularly grown terrestrial species of plant. It has many common names such as starfish plant, earth star and Red Star Bromeliad, due to its interesting shape, the species is available in countless colorful and less colorful varieties. This pretty bromeliad is native to Brazil and has a lovely star like shape made of stemless rosettes of leaves. The leaves are pink coloured and each with tiny teeth or thorns on their wavy marginssite. The tones of the vibrant colours displayed on its foliage depends on the light intensity, with low to medium light making the colours on the leaves dull and less vibrant, and strong bright light for best foliage colour. The leaves taper to a point at the end which gives the plant its pretty star shape. Small, clustering, inconspicuous, white, flowers are formed in the middle of the rosettes of the leaves.
The ASPCA lists Cryptanthus as non-toxic to both cats and dogs. Cryptanthus is a genus of flowering plants in the family Bromeliaceae, containing over 100 species that are native to South America. More specifically, they can be found growing on Brazil’s rain forest floors. They add so much charm to any indoor setting. Most bromeliads have rather limited root systems, they are generally grown in pots that are somewhat small for the size of the plant. Clay or plastic pots are equally satisfactory as long as they have drainage holes.
However, their ability to grow without soil is one of their main attractions and growing them mounted is a great way to show off this quality. There are some bromeliads that do better mounted and even others that do not like to be potted at all. The earth star bromeliad can get quite big. When grown outdoors in ideal conditions, it can reach up to two feet across. However, it doesn’t get very tall.
Bromeliads are good at removing toxic chemicals from the air, new data show. The humble bromeliad, found in homes across America, is actually a star when it comes to cleaning up the air. These plants increase oxygen in the evening while absorbing carbon dioxide during the day. This means these exotic beauties are always working to keep the air clean.
Following a few simple steps can keep you enjoying bromeliads, both indoors and out, for several seasons.
• Provide bright light without direct sun exposure.
• Maintain optimal humidity.
• Keep air flowing around the plants.
• Make sure the plants stay moist but not soggy.
• Provide adequate drainage.
• Fertilize sparingly.
🌟Sunlight: Cryptanthus bivittatus require differing amounts of lights. Most Cryptanthus prefer indirect sunlight. Shade from tall trees outdoors or a sunny room without direct sun exposure is ideal for Cryptanthus.they arelow-maintenance indoor plants as they don’t require much sun and only need to be watered about once a week when kept indoors. As bromedliads love humidity, be sure to keep them away from air conditioning and cold draughts and mist withspray bottle every couple of days. Most bromeliads will thrive on a table or countertop a few feet away from a window. Do not place your bromeliad directly in a south facing window. The leaves are likely to scorch with too much direct sunlight.
🌟Temperature: The pink star plant won’t survive freezing winter temperatures. It’s native to humid conditions. When grown indoors, normal room temperature is fine. Outdoors, it should receive 65° to 75° degrees Fahrenheit weather. Indirect light throughout the day is the best option.
🌟Soil: They prefer somewhat acidic soil, such as that provided any peat-based commercial potting soil. Plant them in a pot with good drainage, large enough for the offsets that will appear around the mother plant after it blooms.
To create the perfect soil conditions, combine regular potting soil with an equal amount of leaf mold or peat moss. A little extra sand can also help create better drainage while keeping the soil moist.
🌟Water: Cryptanthus thrive in tropical conditions, and you should keep them moist. Make sure, however, not to rest them in standing water. A moderately damp environment is moisture enough for these plants. If your earth stars seem pale, move them to a brighter spot and they should start to show more intense shades. Water earth stars so the soil just dries before watering again. Water the plant once a week, only when the soil is dry.
🌟Fertilizer: Apply diluted liquid fertilizer during the spring. In the summer and fall, avoid adding any additional fertilizer. spray the diluted liquid fertilizer onto the leaves several times during the growing season. Don’t put the fertilizer into the cup, as it could burn the plant or cause algae to grow in the pooled water. Do not fertilizer plants in the winter when they’re dormant, or when they are in bloom.
🌟Propagation: They are very easy to propagate. Wait until the pups (babies) reach a good size, about 1/3 that of the mother. Pull the pups off the ‘mother’ plant and place them into a pot with that loose soil mixture. Then, water after planting.
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🌿 What make it special?
• It is one of the rarest indoor plant.
• It is perfect for tabletops.
• They are good at removing toxic chemicals from the air
• It is a popular ornamental plant.
• It is easy to care.
• It has gorgeous, small white flowers.
• It has attractive and pink coloured foliages.
🌿How do you keep bromeliads healthy?
• Provide bright light without direct sun exposure.
• Maintain optimal humidity.
• Keep air flowing around the plants.
• Make sure the plants stay moist but not soggy.
• Provide adequate drainage.
• Fertilize sparingly
Sr. Item name
1 Cryptanthus bivittatus
2 4-inch (10 cm) grower round plastic pot (black)
3 4.5-inch (11 cm) Ronda no:1110 round plastic planter white.
Plant height 6-8cm
Plant spread 4-6 inch
Above specifications are indicative only, actual dimensions may vary by +-10%
🌿Plant Protection:
• Avoid overwatering them – they do rot when water is allowed to stand in the container for too longavoid overwatering them – they do rot when water is allowed to stand in the container for too long.
• Keep them moist.
• Give bright indirect light, but no direct, hot sun, that leads to changing of leaf colour from pink to green.
• Earth stars don’t require a lot of fertilizer. Try to feed them at least once a year.
• Well drained soil is crucial for healthy bromeliads.
❌️DON’T s:
• Don’t over water the plant.
• Don’t pour water into the rosette. Always water the soil, as water can get trapped in the leaves and cause mildew or fungal growth.
🌿Key requirements to keep plant healthy:
Sunlight Bright indirect light.
Watering Give water once a week.
Soil Loose well drained soil.
Temperature 65°celsius to 75°celsius.
Fertilizer Apply organic fertilizer once a year.


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