Wide tail Micariff yellow High Dorsal guppy pair

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Moscow is a species of guppy originating from Russia and arriving in East Germany and widely spread from there. This highly popular Moscow is commonly known as a solid colour guppy with a colourful texture on its head. A black colour component is a common feature of this guppy species. The reproduction of Moscow is from its Moscow males and not from Moscow females. Moscow black is its highly motile pigment and this gives Moscow its popular chameleon quality, where it can vary from a light grey to a much darker black.

The main types of Moscow are Blue Moscow which is a variety having a black layer of colour cells below a blue-light reflecting iridophore layer. In these blue moscows we can see albino blue Moscow, blond blue Moscow, Asian blau blue Moscow, golden blue Moscow in the hobby. Green Moscow is a unique variety similar to Blue Moscow with an increased number of cells in yellow colour. Likewise we can see purple Moscow in the hobby. When we come to the full red Moscow it is difficult to distinguish with full red guppy. Half black red Moscow and Albino full red Moscow is another variety of full red Moscow. Like the above varieties, golden red Moscow is a popular variety of Moscow in the aquatic market. Midnight black Moscow is a darkish variety which is constantly black which does not fade to grey or other. Albino midnight black and golden midnight black is a different variety of midnight black Moscow.

Stoerzbach Moscow is a yellow version and yellow green version which is included in the stream. When they mature it becomes green metallic. Pink white Moscow is another variety in Moscow species which have a combined genes of the blue Moscow and pink white. In blue grass Moscow grass -like fins are present in this species body. That is because of the influence of grass Nike stripes in the body of this species. Moscow fire tail is another variety of moscow. This is a combination of midnight black moscow and the full red moscow. The full red colour of the body may be lost at some time.



The strain is a combination of snake skin and moscow gens. There is a similarity between the original form of moscow and metal head snake skin. The snake skin body and fin gens are separate, there is a possibility of other patterns associated with the fins. The colour of the body and fins depends on what strain of moscow and snakeskin pattern can vary in its penetrance. In these metal head guppies we can see cobra metal heads and lace metal heads.

In cobra metal heads, yellow cobra metal heads which is a combination of yellow colour and cobra snake skin pattern is a unique variety of cobra metal heads. Like this, Red cobra metal which has a head round tail is a combination of red snake skin blue Moscow and the round tail gens. Black cobra metal head has fabulous dark shades made of heavy black colour and black Moscow front with cobra snake skin body. Red metal head mosaic is a variation which consists of fan tail and mosaic tail gens with tail gens.

Lace metal heads are a variety combination in metal heads. This guppy species have red lace metal heads which have a body of red lace snake skin with blue Moscow phenotype. Similarly orange metal head fan tail which have a solid orange colour, yellow lace metal head fan tail which have a body of yellow lace with a front blue moscow, yellow metal head double sword also known as filigran which is a combination of moscow snake skin and double sword traits and yellow lace metal head spear tail.



These guppies are very popular among the market because of their unique pattern on their bodies. The pattern is similar to the pattern on snakes. In Europe it is known as filigree. In the snake skin we can see different varieties.

In that yellow cobra snake skin round tail is a snake skin guppy which has a yellow coloured body and fins appear in red. Another variety is Albino yellow cobra snake skin which is called RREA yellow cobra is Asia. Likewise Blond snake skin spear tail is a distinct model in this species. In case of black snake skin variant female variants have black fins. Spear tail snake skin saddleback is a dashing model having a half tuxedo pattern and in front of the body there is a black in dorsal area.

In yellow cobra snake skin we can see yellow green or bluish green. In front of the body there is a black eye marking. Another variant Lace snakeskin upper sword is unique from others because of an upper sword present in the snake skin. That’s why it is called a lace skin upper sword. In these snake types, a combination of green and yellow snake skin is called Green lace snakeskin. Yellow mosaic snake skin which is a variety of snake skin having a lace body and mosaic fins. Another rare guppy in snake skins is purple snake skin with this rare colour. Blue half-moon snake skin is relatively rare and the presence of yellow pigments make the guppy look green. Red lace snakeskin is a large variety of snake skins having medium to large bodied snake skin. Not but least Red snake skin round tail is a unique variant having round tail with the red tail gene.



Magentas is a distinct variant from others and is not a strain but it is a mutation that makes these guppies special. These guppies are originated from a guppy in Romania which is crossed with thai strain. Hue of the magenta colour depends upon which type of red colour pigment. The main types of magentas are these.

Long fin Silverado and Short fin Silverado is a Moscow which consist of metallic gold gene. This strain is given from the full gold flamenco dancer imported from Singapore. Blue Silverado is a guppy having a similarity in phenotype to the flamenco dancer. Full gold magenta Moscow looks like full gold leucophore and because of the magenta gene the fins are short. Blond magenta Moscow is another distinct variety of magentas. Albino full red magenta is a special guppies which has an incorporation of magenta gene into a full red guppy strain. The hue of the guppy is overall magenta. Flamenco dancers which have a gene combination of magenta and Moscow, Peacock which is a combination of magenta and snake skin gene are also popular guppies among the magentas. The expression of these genes appeared in different degrees of the body. Lastly Magenta metal lace cobra is a type of snake skin variety that comes under magentas due to its special looks.



Medusas and galaxies are unique models among the guppy models. These have these special looks because of the crossovers.The strain is a combination of schimmelpfennig platinum gene and snake skin gene. The main types are Medusa, Blue galaxy and Santa maria.

When we consider Medusa, the caudal fins of the medusa have a mixed pattern. Phenotypes of the medusa are similar to galaxies. The classification of medusa are medusa round tail, platinum medusa.

Blue galaxy is special due to the grass gene spotted fins are present.  The main classifications are red galaxy fan tail (red version of galaxy and particular strain having fan tail), white galaxy (it is a combination of red and blue galaxy drops), European magenta galaxy (snake skin pattern due to presence of magenta gene to collapse into a metallic finish), yellow grass galaxy (in front of the body there is bandit blue patch. It usually is a marker for a galaxy), bluegrass galaxy (it is an interesting variation and also crosses with galaxy.)

Santa Maria is another variant similar in galaxies because, in front of the body there is a blue area of colour with galaxy type phenotype. The classification of Santa maria are albino red santa maria


  1. GRASS

The fins look like a field of grass. That’s why it got a name called grass. It has dot pattern fins and nike swoosh in their body. This feature is used for creating strains with dot pattern fins. The moscow genes can suppress the nike swoosh. The types of Grass are Blue grass, Red grass, Yellow grass, Purple grass and silver grass.

The classic Blue grass has fins of transparent background colour. Red grass is considered as a wild type grass. Albino red grass and albino full red grass are different categories of red grass guppies. Yellow grass is special because of having bandit marking in the front of the body. Purple grass guppies get its look because of a mixture of blue iridophores and red pigment colour. There is also a bandit marking in front of the body of purple grass guppies. Lastly silver grass is variant in the grass guppy variant.



Full gold and full platinum is a popular guppy variant in the current market. In those Leucophores and iridophores are the two types of white colour cells which give them that specific special colour. It is mainly distinguished by dull and shiny respectively. The main classification of full gold and full platinum are Albino full platinum, Albino blue platinum and Albino full gold platinum.

Albino full platinum gets its uniqueness because of the combination of yellow platinum color and white leucophores. Main types of albino full platinum are gray full platinum and full platinum red tail. Another variant which is called as Albino blue platinum has an appearance of shiny white and gold metallic with a blue cast. Because of the presence of albino genes, the eyes of these guppies become pink and give them an outstanding attraction among the other guppies. Not least Albino full gold blau which has an appearance of shiny gold metallic body with blue fins makes it special.



Schimmelpfennig Platinum are a distinct variant available in the market which is mostly used to breed different unique variants in the guppy hubby. It has a mutation into its own category which distinguishes them from the full platinum and full golds due to the platinum gene. The main classification of these breeds are Schimmelpfennig platinum sword, Double yellow, Eldorado, Redfin metal spear tail, Blond platinum spear tail and Platinum red mosaic.

Schimmelpfennig platinum sword which is also called schimmelpfennig sword has a poor sword shape. Even though these guppies are unique in their features. Another variant Double yellow looks like a full platinum. But it is a combination of full platinum with Y linked schimmelpfennig platinum sword. Gradually the caudal fin of double yellow turns into double swords with more yellow. Eldorado strains have platinum yellow body with an absence of green and blue. The main classification of these Eldorado is albino Eldorado which is a unique one in its own. Redfin metal spear tail looks like a platinum gold colour in front of the body and the half body area is coral red with a red tail. The oldest one in the Schimmelpfennig Platinum category is Blond platinum spear tail. Lastly Platinum red mosaic is a popular variant because of its mosaic pattern with fan shaped tail. In front of the body there is a strong yellow platinum colour.



Pink whites are a highly demanded species with a white fin and white area in the top of the peduncle. The main pink white breeds which are popular in the aquatic market are Pink white half black yellow, snow white, green platinum pink white and albino Japanese pink white shallows.

This pink white half black yellow gets its name because of the black streaking in the caudal fin. In Snow white we can see greenish highlights with deep white colour and also have white fins which makes it beautiful in the aquarium. Looking at Green platinum pink white, it has a white base of its peduncle with a white base of caudal fin and the phenotype is green platinum body. Lastly Albino Japanese pink white swallow is a combination of pink white gene and albino and swallow gene. It has a yellow spot on the body that makes it distinct from others.



Pinks and pingus are both attractive and satisfying breeds of guppies having the same gene which is the autosomal pink gene. The main difference between both of them is pingus having a half black gene. It is not related to pink white mutation. The main classification of pinks and pingus are pingu and panda Moscow.

In Pingu guppies the black colour cells are replaced by white colour cells in the half body area and different pingus that are available in the market are pingu panda and platinum pingu. Another main variant Panda Moscow is glass belly panda. It has a small strain. The fin is short round caudal and also has a transparent belly. Blond glass belly panda is another one in this type



The attractive blue metal guppies get its vibrant colour from the domination of high concentration of iridophores. The main classification of blue metal guppies are blue diamond, full metal ivory blue mosaic full moon, lazuli, turquoise, japan blue and blue metal double sword. These variations rise because of the gene similarities with specific colours in their body.

In Blue diamond, because of the gene the body is light in colour and has a light metallic blue colour. Full metal ivory blue mosaic full moon has a strain similar to blue diamond and got this name from the attracting factor of tail which has a full moon shape. The beautiful Lazuli got its name from its colour. The classification of lazuli is lace snake lazuli. Turquoise
got its name from the presence of turquoise gene which produces metallic turquoise colour for both body and base of the caudal fin. Next variant Japan blue which is also known as aqua marine in asia looks bright metallic sky blue body with fins which are solid, dotted and mosaic. Classification of japan blue are albino japan blue and wild japan blue. Lastly Blue metal double sword is another variety in this type.



Stoerzbach is a unique variety in guppy species which have a heavy proliferation of blue iridophores that cover the entire body. The main classification of stoerzbach are Swordback metal sword tail and Pied blue guppy.

The Swordback metal sword tail has a metallic blue body with yellow fins. There is a reddish colour in upper and lower swords. Classification of swordback metal swords are sword back redfin double swords. Another variant called Pied blue guppy is a combination of stoerzbach metal sword tail with an x linked lace sneak skin.



Micariffs are also known as sunset guppy, yellow tang and tequila sun rise. It commonly has a light yellow metallic colour. These guppies are popular in markets and the only variant of the micariffs are orange micariffs. The Micariff began its life in a commercial farm-raised guppy. Its variations often show up in stores. It has a huge body with and a fan tail, with the dorsal not developed like normal guppies. Its popular yellow looks make it interesting among the breeders and got it spot in their tanks. Orange micariffs got its name because of the orange colour.



Red guppies which are highly demanded in the market got its popularity because of its rich red colour. The red guppy has two colours of pigments which are carotenoid red and a pteridine red. The carotenoid red gets from food and also it has health benefits. The female guppies are attracted to red spots for breeding. The red guppies are classified into different variants by their unique body colour and structure. They are full red, blond half blackfull red, albino full red, marlbaro guppy, albino glass belly red spear tail, mosaic red fantail and blond big dorsal red tail.

Full red got its name from the distinct red colour of the body. It does not have a single origin. Blond half blackfull red have pure red without no black in the fins. The female of the blond half blackfull red having red blue or green tails. Another variant in this breed is Albino full red. This version suppresses the black colour. The main types of albino full red are albino full red swallow. Marlbaro guppy is popular because of the full red and the full red genes give a black ground colour. Albino glass belly red spear tail originates from china and it consists of albino genes. Mosaic red fantail is another type of red guppies. The fin shape is like a fan tail. The tail has a broad vertical size with a short length and rounded edge. Lastly Blond big dorsal red tail is another variant in red guppies.



Wildly popular and high demanding half blacks are dominated by the wild genes. It is called a tuxedo in asia. It got its high popularity in the aquatic field because of the wild look on its body. There are actually two genes necessary to the expression of the half-black pattern. There is a sex linked gene and a autosomal gene. These half black have different types, which are half black dominance, half black yellow, half black purple and half black red.

Half black dominance and half black yellow are common in half black breeds of guppies. In the case of half black red the food that eats is affected by its red colour. Guppy stores red pigments from foods with carotenoid. The unique half black purple consists of underneath the purple pigments. The purple colour is the combination of red colour and reflected blue light.



Solid colour is a unique type in guppies. In front of the body of the solid colour guppies overall colour is weak. Main types of the solid colour guppies are American blue delta, American green delta, American purple delta and American bronze. This type got its name from its body colour and the genes present in it.

In American blue delta some guppies look in a strong metallic shyness with solid blue. The differentiation between blue and green strains are not difficult. While in American green delta, yellow pigment and reflected blue light combines to form green colour. The factors which are changing the colour of the guppy is the angle and colour temperature of the show lighting reflecting the iridophores. The American purple delta got its purple colour from the combination of blue light reflecting irudophores and red pigment colour cells lastly American bronze which is also known as bronze guppy but the scientific name is golden



The colourless strains got its name from the genes. The combination of genes may lead to loss of colour. The main classification of these colourless strains are albino blau, super white and cee thru.

Albino blau looks like blue neon tuxedo guppy. It is a type of albino. Superwhite is close to transparent except for some blue light fin areas. In case of cee thru, the name comes because the internal organs are visible and the skin is normally opaque. The male guppy having bit of yellow in there head



This breed of guppies are wild and endler. It consists of domestic guppies with wild type patterns. Rio leao feral guppies. The strain is from brazil. The male strain has three red spots outside the body with iridescent blue and green pedengle area. The females are normally colourless. Different types of variegated are Erfurt wild guppy, Istanbul, old fashioned and top yellow sword 2004 endler.

In Erfurt wild guppies are wild type females. Commonly the males show a black spot just above their gonopodium. Istanbul is another variety of variegated guppies. Old fashioned is a vintage type guppy which consists of a blue tail gene with mosaic caudal fin. Lastly Top yellow sword 2004 endler which looks like a yellow upper sword. The strain is very colourful. The tail base has an orange spot and also black spot on the lower middle part of the body.


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