Utricularia Graminifolia (large portion)


Hydrocotyle sp.”Japan” is the popular name of the plant in different plant forums. It is a variant of Hydrocotyle tripartita from South-East Asia. Easy to attach on rock and wood, place the cuttings onto rock or wood and gently tie around it using a string or thread. It is characterized by fast, compact growth and small, intensive green leaves on vertical stems. The plant is carpet-forming (5-10 cm tall) and its compact growth can be promoted by physically pressing the carpet with your hand when maintaining your aquarium (mechanical retardation). Carpet formation and compact growth do best in a good light. In low lights, it will grow towards the surface


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Quantity: 1 large portion (10*10cm)

Origin: Asia (Srilanka, South India, Burma, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Java, etc.)

Plant positioning: Foreground, midground, driftwoods, in vivariums, etc.

Light requirement: High & Medium

CO2 requirement: High

Plant difficulty level: Intermediate

Utricularia Graminifolia is fundamentally a species in bladderwort that is gaining immense popularity nowadays because of its stunning carpeting ability in aquariums. It is also a carnivorous plant that can eat microscopic animals and don’t worry about your beloved aquarium fishes; they won’t eat them and nor their frys.

Another important feature of this plant is that they can adapt and grow on rock. This is easy if you are looking for scapes where usage of rocks is more and you still need a carpeting effect. Iwagumi styles tanks uses Utricularia Graminifolia a lot for this reason. This plant also produces a bell shaped beautiful white flowers when given a chance to grow emersed.

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