Cabomba furcata / Red Cabomba (3 stems)

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Quantity: 3 stems

Origin: South America

Plant positioning: Background

Light requirement: Medium & High

CO2 requirement: Medium & High

Plant difficulty level: Intermediate

Plant Propagation: Stem cuttings

Red Cabomba has feathery, lime-green to deep-red, forked leaves, divided into narrow segments and offer aesthetic color and notifiable texture. They grow densely which makes the lively and natural background in a planted aquarium. Red Cabomba is rarer than any other type of this species. Under the right tank conditions, a Cabomba plant can make an excellent background plant. It is a plant that is difficult to take care of and requires high lighting to thrive. so for freshers, Cabomba is not preferable. The use of proper fertilizers and regularly fertilized substrate are important for enhancing robust growth. Lack of deficiency of nutrients could result in darkened leaves, slowed growth, and elongated internodes. Ph required is in between 5 to 7.

Red Cabomba is propagated by trimming branches from the main plant and pressing their stems at least 1″ into substrate. The “topping” method is the most commonly used way to propagate this species.The growth rate is fast and requires frequent pruning.By carefully limiting the amount of nitrate the color of cabomba can be enhanced.

Note – Due to extremely high temperature this particular product is limited only in kerala.outside these place we are sending only at customers risk

2 reviews for Cabomba furcata / Red Cabomba (3 stems)

  1. salman.hyder (verified owner)

    Excellent plant,super packing and excellent service.
    I ordered this one along with many other plants.
    All of them survived luckily,even 5 days in shipping (due to lockdown)
    In normal days i guarantee even the softer plants will survive too.

  2. biju.pc (verified owner)


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