Pogostemon Stellatus Dassen Purple (large pot)

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Pogostemon stellatus “Dassen” is a cultivar of the species Pogostemon stellatus, which is native to Southeast Asia. This aquatic plant, also known as “Dassen’s Pogostemon,” is highly sought after in the aquascaping hobby due to its striking appearance and ease of cultivation.

“Dassen” is specifically noted for its deep purple coloration, which sets it apart from the more commonly found green varieties of Pogostemon stellatus. Its leaves are typically narrow and lanceolate, arranged in whorls along the stem. Under appropriate lighting conditions, this plant can develop intense purple hues, particularly in the presence of sufficient nutrients and carbon dioxide (CO2) supplementation.

In an aquarium setting, Pogostemon stellatus “Dassen” requires moderate to high lighting and nutrient-rich substrate to thrive. CO2 supplementation is often recommended to promote robust growth and vibrant coloration. Like other stem plants, it can be propagated by taking stem cuttings and replanting them in the substrate.

When provided with optimal conditions, Pogostemon stellatus “Dassen” can grow quickly and create a striking focal point in planted aquariums. Its contrasting coloration makes it an excellent choice for adding visual interest and depth to aquascaping layouts.

As with any aquatic plant, regular maintenance, including pruning and nutrient supplementation, is essential to keep Pogostemon stellatus “Dassen” healthy and vibrant. Overall, it is a popular choice among aquascapers looking to create stunning underwater landscapes with a touch of bold color


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