Garlic Vine/ Mansoa Alliacea Plant (single plant)


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The Garlic Vine (Mansoa alliacea), also known as the “Garlic Vine” or “Ajo Sacha,” is a tropical climbing plant renowned for its garlic-scented leaves and attractive clusters of tubular flowers. Here is an overview of the Garlic Vine:

  1. Appearance:
    • Leaves: The most distinctive feature of the Garlic Vine is its leaves, which emit a strong garlic odor when crushed. The leaves are typically pinnate, meaning they are divided into multiple leaflets arranged along a central stem.
    • Flowers: The plant produces clusters of small, trumpet-shaped flowers that are usually lavender to lilac in color, although they can sometimes be white. These flowers are borne in terminal clusters and have a pleasant fragrance.
    • Growth Habit: The Garlic Vine is a climbing vine that can reach lengths of up to 20 feet (6 meters) or more. It climbs by twining itself around support structures.
  2. Native Habitat:
    • The Garlic Vine is native to tropical regions in Central and South America, particularly in countries like Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.
    • It thrives in warm, tropical climates and is often found growing in rainforests and other lush, humid environments.
  3. Growing Conditions:
    • Sunlight: Garlic Vine prefers full to partial sunlight. It can tolerate some shade but will bloom more profusely in a sunny location.
    • Soil: Well-draining, fertile soil is ideal for this plant. It appreciates regular moisture but should not be waterlogged.
    • Temperature: It is sensitive to frost and cannot withstand cold temperatures. It’s best suited for tropical and subtropical climates.
    • Pruning: Regular pruning can help maintain the vine’s shape and promote bushier growth.
  4. Uses:
    • Ornamental: The Garlic Vine is primarily grown for its ornamental value. Its fragrant flowers and unique garlic-scented leaves make it an attractive addition to gardens and landscapes.
    • Culinary: In some cultures, the leaves of the Garlic Vine are used as a flavoring agent in cooking, much like garlic cloves. However, the flavor is milder than true garlic.
  5. Propagation:
    • The Garlic Vine can be propagated through stem cuttings, which should be taken from healthy, mature plants. Plant the cuttings in a well-draining potting mix, and they should root relatively easily.
    • It can also be propagated from seeds, though this method may take longer to produce mature plants.
  6. Maintenance:
    • Regular watering and fertilization during the growing season can help ensure healthy growth and flowering.
    • Pruning is important to control the vine’s growth and shape, especially if it becomes too invasive or unruly.

Overall, the Garlic Vine is an intriguing and attractive plant with its garlic-scented foliage and lovely flowers. It’s a great choice for gardeners in tropical and subtropical regions looking to add a unique and fragrant touch to their gardens or landscapes. However, due to its climbing nature, it may require some support or a trellis to grow effectively.


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