Ludwigia Perennis/ Glandulosa (6 Stem Cuttings)

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Quantity: 6 Stem Cuttings

Origin: USA

Plant positioning:  Background

Light requirement: High

CO2 requirement: Low

Plant difficulty level: Easy

Plant Propagation: Stem Cuttings


Ludwigia perennis can be planted by dropping the bunch of stems into the substrate and the weight will manage the plant to be steady. Sooner there will be root growing from the stem.

We can control its growth through frequent trimming of the topmost part and sides. This plant is effective to beginners and very attractive in the aquarium. Occasionally trimmings will lead to propagating the plant. Exess cutting will fall off to the substrate and will eventually grow roots to create baby plant.

Environment and sunlight are contributing factors for this plant to thrive in its natural Habitat.

Ludwigia perinnis is originated from North America. They have oval leaves that are pointed on its tips. They grow in pairs but alternatively along the stem. This plant was more attractive when planted by groups.

You can keep your tank green or greeper more light should be provided. The growth rate is slow to moderate. The stem size can be reach 5-12cm in widthand 15-40cm height.This plant can increase the natural beauty of aquarium and it is suitable the growing of all type of ornamental fishes.


  • Did this plant need light for growth?

Yes, light is nessesory for the prolifeic grow.

  • Does this plant need carbon dioxide?

Yes, carbon dioxide injection is recommended to the optimal growth and colour.

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