Cryptocoryne wendtii -green

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      This tall cryptocoryne can be used as a background or midground plant and adapts easily to a wide range of conditions. The leaf color depends on a number of factors, including lighting, and varies from olive green to green and slightly brown. The underside is usually a light orange-brown color. Plant it in spaced groups, allowing it to spread and create a dense clump. The maximum height of the plant is around 14 in(35 cm). It ideally combines a  decorative appearance with optimal growth.

    Numerous natural local variations are known of Cryptocoryne wendtti which all differ in size, leaf shape, and coloration.

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Origin: Srilanka

Plant positioning: Foreground & Midground

Light requirement: Low & Medium

CO2 requirement: Low & Medium

Plant difficulty level: Easy

Plant Propagation: plantlet

Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Cryptocoryne wendtii, a plant native to Sri Lanka, is one of the most popular and commonly used aquarium plants on the market right now. In terms of colour, it is also one of the most variable species, coming in a variety of shades of red, brown, green, and various combinations of those colours. The size of the leaves, which can range from 5 to 18 inches, as well as their texture can differ significantly between species, adding to the variety.
While it can be sensitive at times, it can also be one of the easiest plants to grow and manage. Although Cryptocoryne wendtii can survive both high and low light levels, it appears to adapt to low light levels by producing longer foliage. Although it responds to the input of CO2, it can develop without it. The plant merely needs steady circumstances and a little while to get used to its new environment.
Uses in Aquascaping
Assuming a variety is chosen that tends not to grow too huge (such as the green kinds), this variable-sized Cryptocoryne can be utilised as a foreground plant in larger tanks with appropriate lighting or as a lovely focal point in the middle of modestly sized aquariums. It can be utilised as a distinctive background plant in smaller tanks where its leaves can reach the top and bend over to float on top of the water.
Its rosette growth shape contrasts with stem plant clumps and can be used to divide the aquascape into clearly defined parts or groups. The aquascape can also benefit from this growth type by employing it to conceal the lowest parts of stem plants, which have a tendency to lose their leaves when they are not receiving enough light.
Cryptocoryne wendtii can be strategically arranged to create an eye-catching focal point or to direct attention to a nearby location of interest. This species’ enormous range of colour and texture forms offers the aquarist a wide range of options that will best suit the intended application.
It is possible for Cryptocoryne wendtii to spread quickly. To grow a new plant, the grower simply needs a small section of root with a living node. The development of a full-sized plant, however, can take several months because growth is often gradual.
A larger plant will typically be pulled up by growers and divided into clusters of smaller plantlets. Simply replanting these a few inches apart will provide enough area for growth. Runners or rhizomes that grow from the roots are another way it reproduces. It also grows from seeds in nature. Numerous gardeners cultivate these Cryptocoryne emersed plants in an effort to replicate their native habitat and to promote the growth of intriguing and attractive flower structures.
Common Names Wendt’s water trumpet, Wendt’s cryptocoryne, Wendt’s crypt, Sri Lanka Cryptocorynes
Origin Sri Lanka, Asia
Maintenance Easy
Lighting low-high
position Foreground, Midground & Background
Growth ratre Moderate, low
Temperature 68 – 82 F
Height 4 – 14 inches
pH Range 6.8 – 7.2
Propagation Runners, Division
CO2 Requirement no
Feed Type Root Feeder


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