Limnophila Aromatica Mini (3 stems)


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Quantity: 3 stems


Plant positioning: Midground

Light requirement: Medium

CO2 requirement: Low

Plant difficulty level: Easy

Plant Propagation: Stem Cuttings

Limnophila aromatica “Mini”
Asian-born Limnophila aromatica/hippuridoides is a simple stem plant. It grows as a weed frequently in the rice paddies of Asia, and some Vietnamese soups use it as an aromatic herb (Ng om). The distinctions between L. aromatica and hippuridoides, which are sometimes confused, are described here. L. hippuridoides typically has more leaves (6–8) per node and is more reddish than L. aromatica, which is more variable and includes varietals that are either greenish or reddish. Otherwise, they have identical criteria.
Also known as Limnophila sp. “Kalimantan Mini,” this plant was mistaken for Limnophila repens. Despite being well recognised in Europe for more than a decade, this lovely dwarf type of Limnophila aromatica is still rare and hard to come by in trade. Each node contains two to three, occasionally more, leaves that are typically between one and two and a half centimetres long and have light green to brown-red tones while the plant is immersed. Under water, the stomata on the leaves appear as tiny silvery dots. The stems and midribs of the leaves are still pale green, creating a pleasing contrast with the leaf surface. With intensive lighting, CO2 addition, complete macro- and micronutrient supply, and rather soft water, Limnophila aromatica “Mini” appears to be in its most beautiful state. The ideal temperature range is between 22 and 26 °C. Even under low light conditions, the leaves are still light green. This Limnophila, like other stem plants, can be multiplied through cuttings.
The Mini Limnophila, a lovely small stem plant with brown-red and light green tones that is still uncommon, is a focal point in the front to midground. It is suitable for Dutch design aquariums and merits extra attention in aquascaping.
They can be recognised by their pungent smell and serrated leaf margins. They have a diameter between 2 and 2.5 inches, grow tall easily, and will reach the water’s surface of most tanks. Compared to submerged forms, emersed forms have fewer leaves.

The plants known as Limnophila aromatica are simple to grow and can tolerate a wide range of water characteristics. They are best used as backdrop plants because of their towering, aggressive growth. It seems to be less popular in today’s aquascapes because of its rougher leaf texture. However, we discover that it creates colourful, aesthetically pleasing clusters.
The backdrop filler Limnophila aromatica has lovely foliage. It stands in stark contrast to Myriophyllum ‘Guyana’ and Ludwigia sp. red in this location.
They can be aggressively cut. The plant can grow exceedingly bushy as a result of encouraging the development of side shoots. It can withstand dense growth quite well and can be pruned for several months without needing to be replanted because the bottom parts of the plant don’t deteriorate as quickly and will continue to grow even after being cut down. It doesn’t have any problems with self shading up to a certain point.
Sufficient light (medium onwards)
Avoid extreme water parameters
Basic fertilization
How to maintain colour
Stronger light (higher PAR values)
Stronger red/blue light spectrum
Low nitrates causes the topside of the leaves to become significantly redder
Get the varietal that is redder
This is one of the plants that exhibit redder colors under nitrate limitation. Over-do this however, and the plant will stunt.
Under low nitrates, the topside of the leaves can turn significantly redder.
Cut the stem at a node that is a little below the height you want the plant to reach in the end. To create a good slope, alternate cutting heights that are shorter in the front and taller in the back. Cut off atypical shoots that don’t follow the cluster’s slope as they grow on the base of the stem that was cut. This will result in tidy plant bunches over time.
The new beautiful compact Limnophila Aromatica “Mini” variety has the same delightful aroma as the standard variety but significantly more little growth. Limnophila Aromatica ‘Mini’ will grow as a compact, bushy plant with reddish-orange colours on the upper leaves under strong light and CO2. It looks very textured thanks to the serrated leaf edges. This works well as a mid-ground shrub or as a background plant. This can also be grown in terrariums, paludariums, phytospheres, etc.
This plant benefits from a rich substrate because it is an easy faster grower with a compact growth habit and good feeder from the substrate. Need high light and CO2 as well as an ample supply of micro & macronutrients to grow more compact with the vibrant color of leaves.

Origin: Asia, Europe
Colour of plant: brown-red and light green tones
Temperature : between 22 and 26 °C
Carbon dioxide: CO2 addition required
Lightening: intensive lighting
Nutrients: complete macro- and micronutrient supply
Propagation: through stem cuttings
Water hardness: soft water require
Position: midground


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