Hydrocotyle tripartita “Honda” (large pot)

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Hydrocotyle sp.”Japan” is the popular name of the plant in different plant forums. It is a variant of Hydrocotyle tripartita from South-East Asia. Easy to attach on rock and wood, place the cuttings onto rock or wood and gently tie around it using a string or thread. It is characterized by fast, compact growth and small, intensive green leaves on vertical stems. The plant is carpet-forming (5-10 cm tall) and its compact growth can be promoted by physically pressing the carpet with your hand when maintaining your aquarium (mechanical retardation). Carpet formation and compact growth do best in a good light. In low lights, it will grow towards the surface


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Quantity: 1 large pot

Origin: Japan

Plant positioning: Foreground, midground, driftwoods, in vivariums, etc.

Light requirement: High & Medium

CO2 requirement: Medium

Plant difficulty level: Easy

2 reviews for Hydrocotyle tripartita “Honda” (large pot)

  1. G Santosh Kumar (verified owner)

    Its ok. Not bad.
    I feel quantity is less i know some of the shops in Bangalore who are providing better deals.

  2. aldrich.dmello (verified owner)

    The plant arrived was nice and good but I think the plant is a bit in the medium category for difficulty as its slow growing but a nice plant.

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