Homalomena Black (single plant)

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Homalomena black
Homalomena plants are native tropical to subtropical plants and prefer to grow in humid climates. Homalomena is a genus of flowering plants from the family Araceae. These plants are native to southern Asia and Southwestern pacific regions. Homalomena is a vernacular name derived meaning flat moon. Homalomena black is a attractive plant for people due to its foliage. The heart shaped leaves of this plant produce dark green to black leaves. This plants are tropic loving plants. Homalomena as a houseplant require a optimum temperature between 60 and 90 degrees. This plant require medium to low light. Homalomena plants are commonly known as queen of hearts or shield plants due to the shape of its foliage.
What makes Homalomena black special:
Homalomena black has become a popular houseplant due to it’s
– Ease of care
– Disease resistance
– Tolerance to low light and stress
Plant specifications:

Hemigraphis colorata/ Strobilanthes alternata
Hemigraphis colorata is an herb, stem of the plants are prostrate and purplish ,especially at the nodes.The leaves are hairy and the blades are dark green on top and purplish on the lower face. The color of flower is white and looks small. Commonly called red ivy, they are cultivated for attractive foliage and also as an indoor plant.It is a tropical plant native to Myanmar. In Kerala it is called by Muriyan pacha as it helps to heal the wounds and cuts .This herb grows plenty in China, Indonesia etc.Sankrit it is called as Vranaropani.It is often grown indoors as a houseplant or outdoors .It grow in rich,well-draining soil and keep out of direct sunlight.Because the direct rays of sunlight will damages it leaves colours and there by reducw the capacity of photosynthesis.It is enough to to keep the soil moist.
They are water loving plants they mostly need moist soil ,during summer time water the plant when the soil surface is 1/4inch dry.It is not fully aquatic and can only live submerged for extended periods before melting away .
v Unique colour indoor plant
v Good medicinal and environmental uses
v Easy to care and a perfect plant for beginners.

Sr Item name
1 Hemigraphis colorata, Strobilanthes alternata
2 4.5 (shrub and ground cover)
3 Plant height 1 feet in 5 inches size pot

Plant Specifications

Plant Height 10 inches,creeper
Soil texture High organic matter

Common Name Purple waffle,Murikootti
Height 0 ft.6inch-0 ft.9 inch
Flower Colour white
Flower Bloom Time Summer
Difficulty Level Easy
Planting and care:
• Sun exposure is partial, don’t place in direct sunlight
• Provide medium bright indirect sunlight.
• Soil must be well drained but moist.
• Watering can be done by the soils surface is about 1/4inch dry ,pour water one time in a day .
• Fertilizer with a liquid houseplant food or granulated fertilizer.
• Propogate vegetatively by cutting and place in a part shade ,for protecting the plant from direct sunlight.
Key requirements to keep plant healthy:

Sunlight Natural indirect
watering Depends upon the amount of heat in soils
Soil Must be well drained and contains Ph 6.1- 6.5
Fertilizer Apply liquid houseplant food or granulated fertilizer.

Hemigraphis colorata’s Uses
§ The leaves are rubbed against cuts and wounds to promote healing.
§ Leaves are used to treat diarrhoea, skin diseases etc.
§ It is used for the treatment of anaemia, ulcers, inflammation etc.
§ It controls blood sugar.
Main Features of Murikootti
§ It also an air freshner plant
§ It grown as indoor or outdoor or as a hanging plant and it helps to beautifies house.
§ Best flowering and beautiful plant.

Plant height 1.3 metre
Plant spread 1 metre

Name and other features of Homalomena black:
Scientific name Homalomena black
Common name Queen of hearts
Origin Southern asia
Family Araceae
Identification Heart shaped leaves

Plant care:
(1) Sunlight
Homalomena black require low medium light. Four hours of direct sunlight is sufficient for good growth of this plant.
(2) Water
– Before watering always check the soil whether it is dried or not.
– Keep the soil evenly moist.
– Watering should be done at morning or evening.
(3) Fertilizer
At the growing season, fertilize the plant regularly with a liquid plant food. It should provide strength to the plant. Before adding fertilizer, loosen the top soil with a small stick.
(4) Soil
Homalomena plants prefer semi porous soil with some peat and containing some sand with plenty of humus organic matter.
Requirements for the plant:
Sunlight Low
Carbon dioxide Required
Propagation Seed
Fertilizers Growing season
Other requirements:
Difficulty level Medium
Ease of growing Easy
Care Easy
Type Stem plant

Don’t for the plant:
Ø Never overwater the plant as it may causes decay to the plant.
Ø Put drainage holes in the pot.
Ø over application of fertilizer may cause burns to the root.
Ø High light intensity may cause burns to the leaves.
Uses of Homalomena black:
Homalomena species can be used for curing stomach disorders. This species are used for the preparation of medicinal oils.

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