Green Babaulti (5 pair)

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This combo contains 5 pairs of Green Babaulti. This particular product can be shipped to all parts of India.

Green Babaulti shrimp are just one colour variant of the Caridina babaulti species – a group which also includes Indian Zebra shrimp, Malaya shrimp, Rainbow shrimp, and more. Green Babaulti Shrimp are a fairly rare specimen within the aquarium hobby.

Common Name: Green Shrimp/ Green Neon Shrimp

Scientific Name: Caridina cf. Babaulti

Origin: India

Fertility: High

Difficulty: Easy

  • Babaulti shrimp require very little food. When we say very little, we mean that one fish flake the size of a dime every day is enough for 10 or more shrimp.


  • They are safe with Small, peaceful fish and invertebrates.
  • Unsafe with Any fish or invertebrate large and/or aggressive enough to eat a dwarf shrimp.


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