Cryptocoryne axelrodi (large pot)


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Cryptocoryne axelrodi, commonly known as Axelrod’s Crypt or the Wendt’s Cryptocoryne, is a species of aquatic plant belonging to the family Araceae. It is a popular and attractive aquatic plant in the aquarium hobby, known for its ease of care and beautiful appearance.

Here are some key features and characteristics of Cryptocoryne axelrodi:

  1. Origin: Cryptocoryne axelrodi is native to Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) in South Asia. It is often found growing submerged in streams, rivers, and marshy areas.
  2. Size and Growth: This species of Cryptocoryne typically grows to a height of 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm) in an aquarium setting. The leaves are relatively broad and have a smooth texture. The plant grows at a moderate pace and is suitable for both small and large aquariums.
  3. Leaf Color and Appearance: The leaves of Cryptocoryne axelrodi are a rich, dark green color, which provides a beautiful contrast in the aquarium. The leaves are elliptical in shape and have a slightly wavy edge. Depending on the conditions in the aquarium, the leaf coloration can vary, ranging from green to reddish-brown hues.
  4. Light and Water Parameters: Cryptocoryne axelrodi prefers moderate lighting conditions in the aquarium. It can tolerate low to moderate light levels but may display better growth and coloration with adequate lighting. This plant is adaptable to a wide range of water parameters, including pH levels from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline (around 6.0 to 7.5) and temperatures between 72°F to 82°F (22°C to 28°C).
  5. Substrate and Placement: As a root-feeding plant, Cryptocoryne axelrodi requires a nutrient-rich substrate to thrive. It is best to plant the roots in the substrate, ensuring that the crown of the plant is not buried. The crown should be slightly above the substrate level to prevent rotting. This species is well-suited for mid-ground to background placement in an aquarium.
  6. Propagation: Cryptocoryne axelrodi can reproduce through runners, which are horizontal stems that produce new plantlets. These plantlets can be left to grow into new plants or carefully separated and replanted in the aquarium.
  7. Tankmates: Axelrod’s Crypt is generally peaceful and can coexist with a wide variety of fish and other aquatic species. However, it is essential to ensure that herbivorous fish do not nibble on the leaves, as this can cause damage to the plant.

Cryptocoryne axelrodi is a popular choice among aquarists due to its beautiful appearance, adaptability, and relatively easy care requirements. It adds a natural and tranquil touch to freshwater aquariums, making it a sought-after plant for aquascaping projects.


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