Bacopa salzmannii araguaia- pink USA version (large pot)


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Bacopa, also known as water hyssop or moneywort, is a genus of aquatic plants that belong to the family Plantaginaceae. These plants are commonly found in wetlands, marshes, and along the edges of ponds and streams. Bacopa species are known for their small, five-petaled flowers and fleshy leaves.

Bacopa salzmannii is a specific species within the Bacopa genus. It is known for its attractive pink to lavender flowers and is often used in aquatic gardens and aquariums. The “araguaia-pink” variation likely refers to a specific cultivar or color variant of Bacopa salzmannii.

Cultivars of plants can have variations in flower color, leaf shape, growth habit, and other characteristics. It’s possible that the “araguaia-pink” variety of Bacopa salzmannii is a cultivated version that has been selected or bred for its distinct pink flowers.


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