Azolla Caroliniana/ Mosquito fern

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Mosquito fern is a floating, aquatic fern found in the USA. They are small, evergreen plants that grow less than 25 mm across. Since the growth rate is fast they are most common in ponds lakes and water hubs. They require only moderate light and is also very hard in nature. The beautiful color combination which makes them very attractive to bowls, open-top aquariums, and water tanks. They are normally found mixed with duckweed or watermeal. They effortlessly propagate, so just allow these plants to spread across the water surface. They are considered as a brilliant nutrient absorber. To prune Azolla caroliniana, scoop up the unwanted plants and discard it in a safe manner.

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Quantity: 1 bunch

Origin: North America, South America

Plant positioning: Water surface

Light requirement: –

CO2 requirement: nil

Plant difficulty level: Easy

Plant Propagation: plantlets

3 reviews for Azolla Caroliniana/ Mosquito fern

  1. hariharan.arumugam (verified owner)

    Order this during lockdown so received the parcel after 4 days. Can’t complain about the quantity but half is dead due to long travel. But good purchase anyway. Will shop again.

  2. Sudheesh Kumar (verified owner)

    Good plant

  3. Mona Soorma (verified owner)

    Good plant and is multiplying very well. Great buy.

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