Zanzibar Croton (Single plant)

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QUANTITY: A single stem with bare roots.


ABOUT CROTONS: ?Croton? word hails from a Greek word for tick (coz its seeds are similar in shape). Crotons are perennial plants and native to most of the tropical regions such as South East Asia, Northern Australia and Pacific islands. If you think you need a flowering plant to add colour to the garden then think again, crotons come with all hues within a single plant such as yellow, red, orange, pink, green and purple. It grows quite tall, up to 10 feet, but dwarf varieties are available which are just suitable for any table top decorations, growing just like any other shrubs. The crotons should be kept in bright spots and partial shade locations.

TIP: Plant your crotons in colourful pots which will enhance the beauty and leave you stunned, for the contrast colours of the plant and pot will complement each other.


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