Wandering Jew/ Tradescantia zebrina (single plant)

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Wandering Jew is a very beautiful houseplant that is easy to care for and propagate. Named after its tendency to grow rapidly, these plants can grow over meters if left unchecked. Wandering Jew can be used as a hanging plant as well as groundcover. They are also known as silver inch plant.Tradescantia has attractive zebra patterned leaves that are shaded purple and add instant color to your garden. The leaves are bluish green and have two long stripes that are silvery on the surface and purple on the underside. The leaf sheaths are thin, translucent, glabrous and slightly hairy. The plants are low lying, slightly succulent and forms dense mats or colonies. The flowers are small with three pink petals. The plant can grow 30-60 cm tall and can spread indefinitely.
So far three varieties of this plant are known. Wandering Jew is native to Mexico, central America and Colombia, but can also be found in parts of Asia, Africa, Australia and various oceanic islands.Wandering Jew grows well in bright indirect sunlight. They prefer bright indoors as well as shaded outdoors. Keep them out of direct sunlight and dark areas otherwise they become leggy. They need a lot of light to maintain their bright color but direct sunlight can burn their leaves. It is best to keep them at an east or west facing window indoors. Wandering jew grows best when kept at temperature between 50-80-degree Fahrenheit.
Standard houseplant potting mix can be used for growing wandering Jew, but they grow best if the soil is rich in organic matter and slightly moist. Peat moss or coco coir helps to retain moisture. Wandering Jew like to be watered regularly and can tolerate overwatering once in a while, but never let the soil to stay wet for too long. Let the soil remain a bit dry between watering. Excess water should be run out of the pot.
They don’t really need to be fertilized, however feeding it once in a while with liquid fertilizer mixed at half strength will benefit the plant. Do not add fertilizer during winter when the growth is slow. A good organic general-purpose fertilizer would work great. Wandering Jews will fill a container fairly quickly and hence should be repotted annually. Take cuttings from the tip and propagate when the plants start to overgrow.
Wandering Jew can be propagated easily from stem cuttings. Take stem cuttings from the tip and remove the lowest leaves. These can either be propagated in water or in moist well-draining soil.
The stout but elegant leaves makes wandering Jew a perfect plant for both balconies and hanging baskets. These little friends are excellent choice for new plant parents to get their feet wet with.
What makes it special:
• Low maintenance and grow quickly
• Super easy to propagate
• Beginner friendly
• Excellent for shaded patios and balconies
Plant specifications:
Plant height 6 – 9 inch(15 – 22 cm)
Plant spread 12 – 24 inch(30 – 60 cm)

Common name Wandering jew, silver inch, wandering dude
Maximum reachable height Up to 22 centimeters
Flower color Light purple, pink
Bloom time All around the year
Difficulty level Easy

Planting and Care:
• Bright indirect sunlight.
• Partial shade.
• Moist and well-drained soil rich in organic matter.

• Water the plants only when the soil feels dry.
• Water every 2 weeks.
• Water around the plants and never straight into the crown.
• Do not overwater the plant.
Application of fertilizer
• Fertilize using an all-purpose liquid fertilizer that is reduced to half strength.
• Fertilize the plants only during the heaviest growing season, that is during spring to early fall.
• Fertilize atleast twice a month.
Plant protection
• Remove any dead or damaged fronds.
• In case of pests, dilute some neem oil and lightly mist the fronds.
• Slugs should be picked off and disposed.
• Keep them away from direct sunlight.
• Keep soil moist, but not soaked.
• Do not over water the plants.
• Do not overfeed.
Initial care for 1-2 weeks after receiving plant at your location:
• Keep the plant in natural sunlight, under shade.
• Poke the top soil using finger to check dampness.
• Add 1 cup of water when the top soil becomes dry.
• Do not repot for atleast a week after receiving the order.
Key requirements to keep the plant healthy:

Bright indirect sunlight.

Water the plants only when the top inch of soil dries out.

50 – 80 degree celsius.

Moist soil rich in organic matter.

Wandering jew special feature:

Ø Groundcover succulent.
Ø Beginner friendly.
Ø Low-maintenance.
Ø Easy to propagate.
Ø Purify air.
Ø Can be kept both indoors and outdoors.
Ornamental use:
Excellent indoor plant for balconies.
Offer a delightful pop of color at home an gardens.
Medicinal uses:
They contains many antioxidants, which help the body fight inflammation and free radicals.
These plants have been used in herbal tea mix to treat common cold.
Contain antibacterial properties.
Has antiarrhythmic properties.


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