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The red sakura shrimp, also known as the red cherry shrimp, the fire shrimp, or Neocaridina Davidi “Red,” is a kind of shrimp native to Japan (scientific name). These are the decorative dwarf shrimps that are in the most demand among aquarists who are interested in maintaining shrimps in their aquariums. These are the most often offered shrimps, and they are the best choice for novices since they are inexpensive and simple to care for. Because it is a freshwater shrimp, the red cherry shrimp is capable of surviving in hard water as hard as 20 gH. They are well-known for their simple breeding habit, and they are most reproductive in the wild when the water temperature is between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius. Their minimal maintenance and self-sufficiency is due to the fact that they mostly feed on the algae bloom in the aquariums. In the absence of algae, blanched vegetables may be used to supplement their diet. The miniature red cherry shrimps are a peaceful and fragile species, according to the experts. Female shrimps are much larger than male shrimps, reaching a maximum length of 2 inches in length.

Habitat: A red cherry shrimp may be kept in a tank of any size as long as it is at least 5 gallons in capacity. However, the tank should not be overcrowded with other aquatic species. Red cherry shrimp tanks should be filtered and cycled on a regular basis. Aquatic plants or other decorations in the tank, for example, are claimed to provide red cherry shrimps with enough hiding area, which allows them to display their vibrant colour only when they feel comfortable and have plenty of place to hide.

Aquatic parameters: The red cherry shrimps are very adaptable and may thrive in a wide range of water conditions and temperatures. Tanks should be completely filtered and cycled before being placed inside, since they are very sensitive to ammonia and nitrites in the environment. A weekly water change of 10-20 percent is required to ensure that the shrimps are kept in water that is acceptable for them.

Temperature range: 18 to 30 degrees Celsius

pH ranges from 6.2 to 8.

H- 4 to 8 is the generalised hypertension scale.

Care Instructions: The red sakura shrimp is a high-quality kind of red cherry shrimps that requires special handling. In addition to being quite simple to care for, they are also extremely self-sufficient. It is recommended to cover the filter input with a sponge since the shrimp fries are too little, and the possibilities of them being trapped within the intakes are quite high due to the size of the fries. As a result, keep the sponge on hand as a precaution.

Are You Aware of This?

Their role in the tank is not only limited to serving as a scavenger and cleaning member, but they are also used to improve the coloration of the tank. The vibrant colour of the Red Sakura Shrimp adds a lot of visual interest to the aquarium.

Caution: Copper is harmful to invertebrates; as a result, avoid any food items, plant fertilisers, and pharmaceuticals that contain copper in any form, even those that are naturally occurring. In the event that you keep shrimp in your tank, constantly check the labels and make certain that the things you use are copper-free before employing them.



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    All 10 were in good condition. Good packing.
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    There was a dead shrimp in the packet, probably you added a shrimp that was already dead. (it was not an exoskeleton, it was actually a shrimp)
    But still there were 10 shrimps & all of them seemed okay.
    Good packing

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