Hygrophila “Tiger”/ Hygrophila Sp. “Araguaia” (Pot)


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Plant positioning: Background

Light requirement: Medium

CO2 requirement: Medium

Plant difficulty level: Easy-Intermediate

Plant Propagation: Stem cuttings

Scientific name Hygrophila polysperma tiger
Common names Hygrophila tiger
Origin Unkown
Difficulty level Easy
Plant use Midground/ Background
Growth rate Fast
Size Max. 60 cm height
Lighting Low – medium
Temperature 4 – 35°C
Ph 5 – 8
CO2 requirement Optional
General Hardness 0 – 30°dGH
Carbonate Hardness 2 – 21 dKH
Fertilizer requirement Recommended
Propagation Cuttings
Can be grown emersed Yes
• Kingdom: Plantae
• Clade: Tracheophytes
• Clade: Angiosperms
• Order: Lamiales
• Family: Acanthaceae
• Genus: Hygrophila
Hygrophila is a fresh water aquatic plant coming under the family Acanthaceae. There are several species in this family and Hygrophila sp. tiger is a popular one. Hygrophila is a swamp weed which is native species to countries like Bangladesh, India, China, and Malaysia, yet the origin about the Hygrophila sp. tiger remains unclear. Some says that they are native to Asia, while others say it is a South American species.
Hygrophila sp. tiger will look good in jungle or nature themed aquascapes as they are big in size. They came in to the aquarium trade in the mid of 1900s. Hygrophila sp. tiger is widely distributed all over Indian market and several online platforms. It is an excellent choice for beginners.
The plant got its name “tiger” from its distinctive leaf pattern as it possesses a brown marble pattern on the upper side of the leaf.
Size: Hygrophila sp. tiger can reach to a length of 60cm, so it is advisable to place the plant in a large aquarium or else you will have to trim the plant frequently. The stem can also grow to a couple of inches wide.
Plant use: As I said earlier they can get pretty big in your tank, they make an ideal choice as background plants. But you can also keep them as midground plants. How…? By trimming. You will have to trim the branches frequently to create a much denser look.
Care level
Since the plant is very undemanding and tolerates wide range of parameters, caring for them is pretty much easy. Thus, it makes one of the best choices for beginners. You don’t have to spend too much time on them… Just provide them what they want and they will do the rest.
Hygrophila are large in size and the size may mislead you to the thought that the plant needs high caring. Actually, it’s quite the opposite! This is a very undemanding plant that likes to grow in a wide range of water parameters.
Temperature: They can tolerate a temperature between 4 – 35°C. but it is always advisable to keep the temperature to an average of 25-28°C, which supports most of the other life forms in the tank.
pH: The case of pH is also the same for temperature. The optimal pH for the plant is 4-8 and try to maintain the pH in the tank at 7 for other tank mates.
Hardness: The general water hardness is between 0 – 30°dGH and the carbonate hardness is between 2 – 21 dKH.
Lighting: This plant doesn’t demand high lighting. They are able to grow in low lighted aquariums. But if you provide them with extra light, they will surely appreciate it and it fastens the growth.
Substrate: As this plant is considered a weed, they take up nutrients from the soil. Thus are heavy feeders. It is recommended that you should use a nutrient rich soil as the substrate. Once they take all the nutrients for their growth, you can supply extra nutrients which will help the growth of other plants that is overpowered by Hygrophila.
CO2 requirements: Hygrophila sp. tiger doesn’t require extra carbon dioxide. It is optional.
Planting of Hygrophila sp. tiger is pretty easy. They are available in the market in small pots. The purchased plant should be quarantined as they contain many unwanted pathogen and snails that can destroy the harmony of your aquarium. The pots must be removed and individual stems are planted in the substrate by making a small hole in the soil. Once the plant is placed in the hole, cover it with the substrate. They can be planted with 4-5 cm away from each individual to avoid overcrowding. While purchasing the plant, you should always select a healthy plant which has healthy leaves. It will have more chances of survival and less chance for infection.
Propagation/ Trimming
After the plant exceeds the required height, you can either propagate them or trim them. If you have sufficient plant density in your tank, you can trim those away using sharp scissors. Or if you want to propagate them, cut them from the top leaving a couple of inches long main stem. Plant the portion that you cut the same way mentioned in the heading ‘planting’. The plant is able to grow even from the shortest stem… so don’t worry if you cut the plant low.
Hygrophila sp. tiger is a well rooted plant and grows big with narrow leaves. You can add any fishes that don’t mess with plants. Almost all fishes go well with your ‘tiger’. The plant can grow itself pretty fast so don’t worry if you are planning to buy a fish that likes to eat the plants. Hygrophila sp. tiger provide shade and shelter to your fishes along with the aesthetic beauty it gives to your tank. Like I said they are heavy feeders so while buying another plant keep in mind to pick a plant which is able to compete with the Hygrophila. Or else they will take up all the nutrients, which can also be solved by adding extra nutrients.


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