Hygrophila pinnatifida and Trident fern-combo (exotic pack)

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Quantity: one Hygrophila pinnatifida bunch on laterite rock (rooted) and one large trident fern steel mesh ( Microsorum pteropus ‘Trident’ on Mesh)

Origin: India

Plant positioning: midground, driftwood

Light requirement:  Medium

CO2 requirement: Will survive under lower CO2 levels

Plant difficulty level: Easy

Hygrophila pinnatifida originated from India. They have brown, patched leaves on the surface with a distinctive burgundy colour underneath Growth rate is moderate with attractive color. For better aesthetics they should be planted in small groups with a light background. With proper lighting conditions the growth rate of this plant increase.They normally have a moderate growth rate with stems having 15-40 cm tall and 10-20 cm width.

This versatile plant can be grown submerged or emersed, with or without soil.The ph range varies from 6-7.5.They can be used as a foreground plant by cutting the stem short or a midground plant by keeping the stem longer.When the top parts are trimmed regularly, the plant maintains in its compact growth habit.


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