Hoya Densiflora

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Quantity: Single rooted Plant (Minimum of 6 leaves)

Hoya Densiflora (Indoor Plant)
Hoya Densiflora is the most common flowering plant in the whole has a small, flat, waxy looking and gorgeous star shaped flower, each of these stunning flowers is made up of two stars. These flowers secrete small, reddish-brown nectar and is very sweet and edible. They have a sweet gardenia like smell. The leaves are ovate, dark green to 6 c.m long and 4c.m wide.
The hoyas are so popular because of their unique and gorgeous blooms. They bloom mostly during spring or summer and are blooms once a year. Expect flowering to occur during the warmer months of the year from october right through to April.The flowers are long lasting and each floral show can last at least a week. In world they have around 500 accepted species and are found in several countries of Asia such as Philippines,
India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Polynesia and New Guinea but their native to southeast Asia and Australia.
It is a common house plant and an ornamental is grown well in pots and hanging baskets.The important feature of the plant was they grown in can also start a hoya plant in a glass of water.First,take the cutting as directed above and place it in a jar of water with the leaves above the surface of the water.The roots started to appear in about 4 weeks.Eventually over a few months or over a year, those roots will rot.
People buy mainly because of its attractive smell and colour. To encourage blooming use high phosphate fertilizer for two months prior to the plants normal blooming time. Hoya Densiflora was used to cure skin diseases and alleviate rheumatism pain. Hoya Densiflora is a tropical plant that lives in humid conditions. It is easy to grow and doesn’t require much attention. these flowers like diffused light, because too much direct sun can cause the leaves to fade and yellow.
water your plant about once a week during summer and every 2 weeks during winter, over watering will damage your plant. The australis also doesn’t have strict watering requirements, so you can get away with watering it infrequently. ln springs hoya react favourably to feeding producing vigorous growth. Fertilize using a balanced liquid food, once per month during the spring and summer growing season.
These flowers are commonly propagating by different methods that are, leaf cutting, stem cutting, layering and growing them from seed. However, the seeds of some of these plants are only viable for a few days, making seed propagation tricky. The best way to propagate hoya is leaf and stem cutting because this method is not only easy but also cost efficient.
Fungal infection is the most common problem found is hoya densiflora and can easily protect the plant from can remove them with a bit of diluted vinegar on a soft prevent these don’t use tap water, which may have additives in it. The brown spots at the tip of the leaves are evidence of over watering, under watering or sunscald.
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Hoyas are traditionally grown indoors as a houseplant. They have thick, fleshy leaves and star shaped flowers that grow in an umbrella shape.
🌱What make it Special:
• One of the beautiful and rarest indoor flowering plant.
• They easily grow from cutting.
• It is a quick growing plant and tolerating low light and humidity levels.
• It has a sweet fragrance.
• It has gorgeous lemon yellow coloured ornamental flowers.
Sr Item name
1. Hoya densiflora plant
2. 4-inch (10 cm) Grower round plstic pot(black)
3. 4.5-inch (11 cm) Ronda no.1110 Round plastic planter (white)
Plant specifications
Plant Height 2-4 feet
Plant spread 1-3 feet
Above specifications are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by+-10%.
Common name Waxplant, waxvine.
Maximum reachable height Up to 120 cm
Flower colour Lemon-Yellow
Bloom time Spring or summer
Difficulty level Easy

🌱Planting and care:
• Medium to bright indirect light ideal for hoya densiflora plant growth.
• Soil should be well drained, fertile and loamy
• poke your finger or plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture.
• Apply one cup water when the soil is completly dry (hoya plants like their soil to dry out completely in between watering)
• water your plants about once a week during summer and every 2 weeks during winter.
• over watering will damage the plant.
• watering should reduce in winter and rainy seasons.
☀️Application of fertilizer
• use a high phosphate fertilizer for vigorous growth.
• during spring and summer season feed the plant using liquid fertilizer.
• Apply water immediately after application of fertilizer.
☀️Plant protection
• Hoya plants are very sensitive to over watering. To avoid this always keep a Hoya in a pot with a drainage hole.
• remove dead, infected, wastes from the plant pot.
• If any insect was attacked, use neem oil, citrus oil spray and for fungal infection use vinegar.

❌️Don’t s
• If pot does not have any drainage holes, don’t overwater the plant.
• keep away frome direct sunlight.
🌱Initial care 1-2weeks after receiving plant at your location:
• keep the plant in a medium to bright indirect light.
• poke your finger or plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture.
• water your plants about once a week during summer and every 2 weeks during winter.
• check the plant periodically to know if there is an infection.
🌱Key requirement to keep plant healthy
Sunlight Natural medium to bright indirect light.
Watering Apply 1 cup water when the soil in the pot completly dry
Soil Soil should be well drained, fertile and loamy
Temperature 15-30-degree celsius.
Fertilizer Apply organic fertilizer once a month.
🌱Hoya densiflora special features:
• one of the rearest indoor flowering plant with beautiful star shaped waxy flowers.
• It has an attractive sweet smell.
• It is easy to care.
• It has a sweet and edible nectar.
🌱Ornamental use:
• It is planted to decorate the house, balcony and courtyard.
• It gives beauty to your house.

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