Fern Combo-Java, Wrinkled leaf, Philippine narrow leaf and Windelov fern steel meshes (40 nos total)


The popular java fern is both versatile and easy to keep. In nature, it exists both submerged and on the banks of streams and rivers, its roots are “designed” to attach to hard surfaces such as rocks and woods, and this is how it should be grown in the aquarium. Java fern adapts to most aquariums and requires little lights. It is a slow-growing plant and older leaves may become tatty and blackened, at which point they should be removed for propagating plantlets. Java fern contains chemicals that deter most herbivorous fish from eating the leaves.

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10 java fern steel mesh

10 windelov fern steel mesh

10 wrinkled fern steel mesh

10 philippine fern steel mesh

Origin: Malaysia, Thailand, Northeast India, and China

Plant positioning: Background & midground

Light requirement: Low & Medium

CO2 requirement: Low & Medium

Plant difficulty level: Easy

Plant Propagation: rhizome cutting, plantlets from leaf


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