Echinodorus rubin/ Red rubin amazon (large pot) and

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Note: The plant will develop a more reddish color when matures.

Scientific Name : Eichinodorous rubin

Plant Colour : Mostly red & Green

Care : Easy

Propagation : Rhizome

Growth rate : Fast

Plant positioning : Midground & background

Planting and care.

  • Can grow emersed or submersed
  • Need good nutrient rich soil to survive
  • Pruning should be done on a regular basis
  • CO2 injection is not necessary
  • As they are sensitive to copper

try to avoid treating the tank    with copper

  • More light; the plant will be more colorful and healthy
  • Use root taps for easier absorption of nutrients.
  • Trim as close as you can to the base of the plant.
 Temperature requirement         70°F – 83° F


  PH requirement         6.5 – 7.5
  Height         Tops around 12 to 20 inches
  Light requirement          Medium
  CO2 requirement


Fertilizer requirement





✓   keeping them with Guppies are more comfortable

✓ can also keep them with Neon tetras


Product Description

The Red rubin amazon is a large healthy aquatic plant,that  will  surely decorates  your tropical freshwater fish tank.It is a basic starter for your tank.its aborable red colour will surely make the tank appealing. The plant develops more reddish colour when matures.plant  the red rubin in small groups among the background of your  fish tank will create  a mass of  attractive red colour.

Reproduction of this species is by adventitious plants, side shoots, and rhizome division. Once the new plant establishes a root system and a few leaves, cut it at the root with very sharp, sterilized scissors and gently press the “baby” plant into the substrate.It will do perfectly fine under medium to low light.Co2 is not readily required.If you  notice any browning and yellowing pinholes on leaves the plant is suffering from nutrient deficiency.How well they grow depends how much light you provide.

In  conditions of more light and co2 it will flourish better.

It does not require much care.its a very rooted plant with heavy roots under the their  majority of nutrient absorption takes place through roots,provide them with nice good quality root taps directly at the base; even beginners can do it..This potted live aquatic plant in the background of your tank will make your tank artistic and will surely beautify your aquarium to a  large extend.

Frequently asked questions :

*How often would I do trimming?

When the most outer leaves start getting too big or looking a little old or damaged😊

*What can I use as substrate?

Basic aqauraim gravel is enough, as they anchor themselves in but also spread out easily😊

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