Dwarf Hairgrass/ Eleocharis parvula (1 pot)

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  • Common Name  :   Dwarf Hair Thin Grass
  • Kingdom      :   Plantae
  • Class        :   Angiosperms
  • Order        :   Poales
  • Family       :   Cyperaceae
  • Genus        :   Eleocharis
  • Species      :   E. Parvula


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Quantity: 1 pot

Origin: America

Plant positioning: Foreground

Light requirement: High

CO2 requirement: Medium

Plant difficulty level: Easy

Plant Propagation: plantlets

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  • easy to care.
  • Marine brackish water species also grow in freshwater.
  •  Place it in an area where a Moderate level of light is available.
  • Fertilization enhances the growth of the plant in small time.
  •  Propagation is done by root runners
  • good co2 increases the color and health of the plant.


ELEOCHARIS PARVULA is a plant of brackish and saltwater habitat, such as marshes and mudflats. It is a perennial herb growing tufts of spongy, compressible stems not more than 10 centimeters tall. Eleocharis parvula has a disjunct, scattered distribution.

It is widespread across much of Europe and North America (US, Canada, Mexico, Central America), with additional populations in the Russian Far East, Japan, Hainan, Java, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Cuba, and Brazil.

Its fresh green color makes it ideal when planted next to darker green or brown plants eleocara’s parvula is a relatively slow grower. And requires less maintenance than many other carpeting species. It Is an extremely versatile and useful plant. It may be used to great effect by itself to form a grassy carpet: a very dense lawn-like effect may be achieved in 6 – 8 weeks from planting. Most people should be able to look after dwarf hair grass.

It’s hardy and requires little maintenance beyond the occasional trimming. It can be kept in aquariums of all sizes, and it can be kept in a wide range of setups because it can adapt to a variety of conditions.

A unique feature of this plant is that if it is cut short before it is planted then it tends to stay short when it grows in and becomes established. Conversely, if it is left in its longer state it will carry on growing in a longer form. For this reason, Eleocharis parvula may be graded with the longer form being placed to the rear of the tank and the shorter ‘cut’ from being planted near the front and sides. The use of the plant in this way is extremely effective in the smaller and ‘nano’ aquaria where a great sense of scale may be achieved with proper use.

Eleocharis parvula is a plant that is not particularly demanding and is fairly tolerant of lower levels of light although the addition of CO2 will, as with most plants, increase growth dramatically.

The plant will grow by sending out runners into and out of the substrate and growth can be very rapid indeed. Eleocharis parvula, like other carpeting plants and grasses, will do particularly well in ADA Aqua Soil Powder, because the smaller granules allow the small roots to get better anchorage, although it can be grown quite happily in ADA Aqua Soil (normal type) and can also be grown in Tropica Plant Substrate capped with fine gravel.

Elecharis parvula can be particularly effective when used by itself with stones, in the Iagumi style, where a simple statement may be made. It also works very well in conjunction with other carpeting plants such as Hemianthus callitrichoides, Hydrocotyle verticillata, and Utricularia graminifolia. Where simplicity is the goal of the aquascape this plant can be invaluable in helping to achieve that goal.

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