Bolbitis asiatica/ Asian bolbitis/ Ordinary bolbitis fern


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Quantity: 1 plant (with a minimum of three leaves)

Origin: Southeast Asia

Plant positioning: paludariums, terrariums, above the water surface, etc.

Light requirement: Low and medium

CO2 requirement: Low

Plant difficulty level: Easy-Intermediate

Plant Propagation: rhizome cuttings

Bolbitis is a genus of water ferns. Bolbitis Asiatica is a fern with attractive, semi-transparent green leaves. The height of this aquatic plant ranges between 15 to 40 cm. They normally prefer moving water regions to grow. The ph range it requires is between 6.4 -7.2. The growth rate of this species is slightly slow. They have deeply serrated edges. It is normally seen as an immersed plant in paludariums, terrariums and in photospheres. The light requirement of this fern variety is low and maintenance is easy. This plant is recently getting more and more popular due to the increase in terrariums these days the world over.



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