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• Scientific name: Neocaridina davidi Bouvier, 1904
Common name: Gamba Black Sakura Negra
Difficulty level: Easy, suitable for beginners
Color: Bright red, some females with a lighter back line
Life expectancy: 18 to 24 months
Water parameters: GH 3 to 30, KH 4 to 14, pH 6.5 to 7.8, temperature 65 to 80 ° F
Aquarium size: From 20 liters, recommended more than 30 liters
Reproduction: Easy, after four to six weeks, 20 to 40 young are born
Behavior: Pacific, can live with small fish, crabs, other prawns, crabs, and snails


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An overview of the species: The rich black-brown hue of the Black Sakura Shrimp may quickly draw the attention of the spectator. It might be an excellent addition to the tank if you are looking for a decent scavenger that will contribute to the aquarium’s cleaning team. They are serene in their surroundings and immediately attract the attention of spectators. They have a very sophisticated appearance because to the elegant black tone. Aquarists refer to them as Black Tiger Shrimp, which is another name for them. They are a Neocaridina davidi variation that has been deliberately selected for the aim of keeping them in aquariums. The advantage of keeping Black Sakura Shrimp in the tank is that they clean up all of the algae and garbage, as well as dead and rotting debris, allowing you to keep your tank looking nice and clean.

Taiwan is considered to be the origin of this type of shrimp, which has a unique habitat. This kind of freshwater shrimp is gentle and non-aggressive in its natural environment. Their tankmates are able to coexist with them without difficulty. They are completely safe to coexist with all forms of plants as well as aquatic animals of all kinds. Black Sakura Shrimps are a superb option if you are searching for a scavenger for your tank because of their exceptional scavenging abilities.
Water Requirements: Black Sakura Shrimp, like any other aquatic critter, requires specific water parameters in order to achieve the most vibrant colours. Providing they are given a variety of temperature, pH, and hardness, they flourish better, live longer, and are happier and healthier. In addition, they prefer tanks that are furnished with live plants over those that are not. When there are willow mosses, baby tears, and other natural materials around, black Sakura Shrimps are at ease.

Temperatures range from 65° to 80° F.

pH ranges from 6.4 to 7.8.

Hardness ranges from 4 to 14 kH.

Care Instructions: In addition to providing the shrimp with the proper water and habitat conditions, it is critical that they be fed the proper foods. Black Sakura Shrimps have no specific feeding needs since they are scavengers in nature and like munching on decaying waste and algae, which they find in plenty. You simply need to give them a little amount of high-quality dry feed or eatable veggies like as zucchini, for example. Overfeeding often results in hazy and unclear water, which is the primary cause of their mortality in the vast majority of cases. If the tank is old and there is a lot of algae and dead stuff in it, it is not necessary to feed the shrimp anything.
Are You Aware of This?
Shrimps are quite simple to breed. A newborn’s sexual maturity is reached within six months after birth. When maintained in the proper water conditions, ten shrimp may reproduce and reach a population of 1000 in 7 to 8 months.
Caution: Copper is harmful to invertebrates; as a result, avoid any food items, plant fertilisers, and pharmaceuticals that contain copper in any form, even those that are naturally occurring. In the event that you keep shrimp in your tank, constantly check the labels and make certain that the things you use are copper-free before employing them.


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