White Lipstick Plant / Lipstick Plant


Lipstick plant is widely grown as a popular indoor houseplant as the flowering plant is known for its attractive flowers and glossy foliage. As the plant needs indirect sunlight, it is best to place them indoors When growing potted lipstick plant, use a growing medium which is moist and well-aerated.

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White lipstick plant/lipstick plant

Common name: lipstick plant/lipstick vine
Scientific name: Aeschynanthus radicans
Origin: Malaysia
Light requirements: medium to bright spot (more light it gets, the better lipstick plant blooms) Plant Difficulty level: easy
Flowering time: most abundantly in the summer and fall.

  • Planting and care – Grow lipstick plant in a medium to bright spot. The more light it gets, the better lipstick plant will bloom. If you have a lipstick plant that won’t produce flowers, try moving it to a brighter spot. Water lipstick plant enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet or saturated for extended periods.
  • Flowers will develop in the summer and will last up to a few weeks. Be sure to avoid persistent droughts whilst the plant is in the blooming process. In spring, repot every three years with ‘Houseplant’ compost.
  • Propagate lipstick plants via cuttings…

Remove the lower leaves, cut the cutting (10 to 15 cm) diagonally below a leaf node and                    place up to three lipstick plant cuttings at least 5 cm deep in the same pot. Water the substrate well            and then covers the pot with a plastic bag to ensure constant high humidity.

A lot of time goes by before roots develop at the cuttings of Lipstick. It takes about two                        months before roots have actually developed on the cutting.

  •  Lipstick plant care begins with airy soil and proper fertilization. A 3-2-1 NPK ratio liquid fertilizer gives a good result as long as you keep the soil moist. Be sure that you add a small amount of vitamins to the potting soil as part of the fertilization program.


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