Syngonium podophyllum ‘Gold Allusion’ | Arrowhead Plant

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The leaf size of Syngonium ‘Gold Allusion’ is intermediate and arrow-shaped. Leaf color is a brilliant, almost iridescent, golden yellow with prominent pink-red veins which offers an excellent contrast. It is a nice addition to any assortment & will make your dish gardens pop!
Watering :- This easy-care arrowhead plant is a favorite for busy owners because it tolerates forgotten waterings. To keep it happy, keep the soil moist, but let the top inch dry out before watering.
Light :- An abundance of indirect light will maintain the stunning variegation in this plant’s leaves. It can also do well in low- or medium-light areas, but the leaves may lose some of their golden hues.
Fertilizer :- Occasionally fertilize the soil and transplant your Syngonium to a larger pot if it starts to outgrow its current container.
If you want to keep your Syngonium compact and bush-like, trim it back to promote new growth. If you want to let your Syngonium Gold Allusion’s vines to grow long, then avoid pruning and simply remove spent leaves.


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