Rotala Vietnam (6 stems)

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Rotala Vietnam is an aquatic plant popular in the aquarium hobby, known for its vibrant red or pink coloration and delicate, needle-like leaves. This plant is highly appreciated for its aesthetic appeal and the vibrant contrast it provides in aquascapes.

Key Characteristics

  1. Scientific Name: Rotala rotundifolia ‘Vietnam’
  2. Common Names: Rotala Vietnam, Vietnamese Rotala
  3. Family: Lythraceae


  • Leaves: The leaves are thin, needle-like, and typically green when grown emersed (above water). When submerged, the leaves turn a striking pink or red, especially under high light and with adequate nutrients.
  • Stems: The stems are slender and can grow quite long, creating a bushy appearance when planted in groups.

Growth Conditions

  • Light: High light is recommended to bring out the best coloration. However, it can tolerate medium light, though the colors may be less vibrant.
  • CO2: Supplementation with CO2 is beneficial for optimal growth and color, though it can survive without it.
  • Nutrients: Regular fertilization is important. A nutrient-rich substrate along with water column dosing helps maintain its health and appearance.
  • Temperature: Prefers a temperature range of 68-82°F (20-28°C).
  • pH: It can tolerate a pH range of 5.5 to 7.5.

Planting and Propagation

  • Planting: Rotala Vietnam can be planted in the midground to background of an aquarium. Planting in clusters enhances its bushy appearance.
  • Propagation: It propagates easily through cuttings. Trim the top portions and replant them in the substrate. The cuttings will develop roots and continue to grow.

Care Tips

  1. Trimming: Regular trimming encourages bushier growth and prevents the lower parts of the stems from becoming too leggy.
  2. Water Quality: Maintain good water quality with regular water changes to prevent algae growth, which can compete with the plant for nutrients and light.
  3. Algae Control: Be vigilant about algae, as Rotala Vietnam’s delicate leaves can be easily overshadowed by algae growth.

Uses in Aquascaping

Rotala Vietnam is often used in Dutch-style and nature-style aquascapes. Its vibrant color makes it a popular choice for creating focal points or accentuating the contrast with green plants. Its fine texture also adds a delicate, intricate element to the overall design of the aquarium.


Rotala Vietnam is a versatile and visually striking plant that can enhance the beauty of any aquascape. With proper care, including high light, CO2 supplementation, and regular fertilization, it can thrive and add a stunning red or pink hue to your aquarium.


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