Potamogeton gayi (3 stem cuttings)

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Quantity: 3 stems

Origin: Southern South America

Plant positioning: Background

Light requirement: Medium

CO2 requirement: Low

Plant difficulty level: Moderate

Plant Propagation: Stems cuttings

Potamogeton gayi is a stunning background aquatic plant that is naturally found in Southern parts of South American countries. In their natural habitat, they grow like weeds because of their unique adaptation capabilities. Whether it is cold or warm; these beauties can tolerate all those conditions. In addition, they don’t require high lighting nor carbon dioxide CO2 injection in aquariums. This makes them one of the fan favorites amongst hobbyists. they do have a unique olive green coloration with reddish shades in between. Their leaves have a feathery appearance and go in a zig-zag pattern. It is fun to watch their leaves move in aquariums’ water flow. Potamogeton gayi doesn’t need much soil or liquid fertilization too and they are happy to thrive in any given water ecosystem.

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