Pink lady snail(5 pcs)


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This product contains 5 pcs of pink lady snail and can be shipped to all over India.

The Pink Lady Snail (Sitala jenynsii) is a species of land snail that is native to Australia.
The Pink Lady Snail is known for its pinkish-brown shell, which has spiral ridges and grows up to 30 mm in diameter. They are typically found in forested areas and are known to be herbivores, feeding on various plants and fungi.
In addition to their unique appearance, Pink Lady Snails are also known for their unusual mating habits. They are hermaphrodites, which means they have both male and female reproductive organs. During mating, two Pink Lady Snails will align their bodies in opposite directions and exchange sperm packets with each other.
However, like many other snail species, Pink Lady Snails are threatened by habitat destruction and invasive species. Conservation efforts are underway to protect their populations and habitats.


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